Bundy Champion Rand Paul Now Exposed For What He Really Is

All those right-wing politicians and FNC (Fascist News Channel) commentators who sang the praises of racist Nevada cattleman Cliven Bundy have now been forced to eat crow. How do right-wing idiots eat crow? Like cowards. They issue statements (not in person, of course, because they can’t face tough questions) which mildly and obtusely distance themselves from talk like “I know this about theNegro…they was better off during slavery. They didn’t get no more freedom.”

The grammar is almost as horrifying as the pro-slavery stance. And all right wingers who came to Bundy’s defense should forever wear the stench of his ignorance and hate. That means you, Sean Hannity. How did Hannity handle Bundy’s remarks? He simply ignored them. Now Hannity has never heard of Cliven Bundy. He’s no longer the gun-toting hero of the Old West, shooting it out for the glory of Old Glory. He’s persona non grata now. But we should never let Hannity off the hook for this. He should be forever linked to right-wing hate and racism.

Same goes for Rand Paul. Paul call himself a Libertarian, and now we know what a Libertarian really is: a gussied up right-wing extremist. Libertarianism has always been nothing more than Fascism with a facelift anyway, a system that promotes the absolute reign of corporations and free- market oppression of the poor. And a disdain for minorities. Paul was out front with Bundy before Cliven opened his racist yap. Now Paul can’t be bothered with him. But Paul has given his opponents ammunition. They can associate Paul with Bundy forever. I can see the campaign ads now–Paul praising Bundy, and quick cut to Bundy telling us his views on the Negro.

Bundy and his militia crazies should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They are welfare cheats who have grazed cattle at the taxpayers’ expense long enough. It’s time for Bundy to stop sucking at the government’s teat and looking for a handout. You would think right-wing politicians and media would excoriate welfare queens like Bundy. I guess their hypocrisy knows no bounds.