Over 60% of People Do Not Trust the Government


By Mick Meaney – RINF Breaking News | A poll conducted by the World Public Opinion (WPO) has found that over 60% of the population of Great Britain and the United States do not trust their governments. The poll showed that 67% of Brits have low levels of trust in the Labour Government while 60% of Americans feel the same way about the Bush Administration.

Overall dissatisfaction of government responsiveness was much higher with 77% of Brits and an even higher percentage, 83% of Americans.

With each passing year, we see Western Governments becoming more brazen with lies and imposing limits on our freedoms and privacy.

The poll also asked “Whose Benefit is Country Run For?”

Unsurprisingly, 60% of Brits perceive their government as serving powerful special interests rather than the interests of the people as a whole, likewise 80% of Americans said the same.

Distain for corporate influence on governments is clear, but perhaps the lack of faith in the government goes even deeper. Obviously there has been fabrication of evidence and spinning lies to the population in order to gain support for the illegal invasion and occupation of nations.

Then there is the use of outlawed weapons in those occupied countries, which cause damage for generations to come, and of course the propaganda which is fed to and disseminated by the mainstream media, all which is becoming increasingly less effective as the ‘alternative’ media grows.

Maybe issues closer to home has also damaged trust in the government. A weakening economy while national debt goes through the roof, or possibly the high levels of surveillance we must endure thanks to new anti terrorism laws which give the government access to every aspect of our lives.

This is of course just the tip of the iceberg; there is no single issue that has caused the majority of the population to mistrust their government. It is an accumulation of constant betrayal over many years which has lead to the decay in trust and possibly more importantly, the loss of hope within the people.