Big Brother Bins – This Time It’s CCTV

Requests to place cameras on new wheelie bins were among some of the queries submitted following the announcement of Spelthorne’s new waste collections.

The new alternate weekly collections have now been rolled out across the borough with pick-ups of recyclables one week and non-recycable waste the other.

Since Spelthorne Council announced it would be changing to the new system in March it has been inundated with enquires about the new scheme which has seen about 120 calls a day, 9,500 hits on the council’s website specifically related to waste, 260 face to face inquires, 155 letters and 600 emails. It hads received just 38 complaints.

The council also received some more unusual requests such whether cameras could be placed on to the containers to photograph people dropping litter into the bins. Something which is not being considered.

Anyone with questions about the new scheme should call a hotline on 01784 451 2199.