Appeal from Tony Benn / Stop the War Coalition

tonybenn.jpgBy Tony Benn | The destruction of Iraq continues; its people killed amidst bombings and atrocities, a million or more dead, many more than two million driven from their homes, the social and economic infrastructure shattered. In Afghanistan the US military is spending $65,000 a minute and there are four times as many air strikes than in Iraq.The occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in untold suffering for the people of these countries. Yet British troops remain in both countries.

The International Peace Conference we organised in London in December agreed to hold anti-war demonstrations across the world in March 2008. The UK demonstration takes place in London on 15 March. I hope you will join me there.

This requires many thousands of pounds for national and international co-ordination; running costs for the national office, printing of leaflets and posters, travel costs and much else.

Stop the War is wholly dependent on donations, money-raising events, affiliation fees from individuals, peace groups, trade unions and other organizations. Unfortunately this is never enough.

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With best wishes

Tony Benn,
President Stop the War Coalition