Anti-G8 activist detained and beaten

German activist Martin Kramer, en route to Japan to prepare for the Hokkaido G8 summit protests, was arrested by police in the city of Vanino in the Habarovsk region of the Russian Far East March 3. He was turned over the FSB agents, in whose hands he was harshly interrogated and beaten.

Martin was accused of carrying “extremist” and “secret” documents. These included archival materials from the 1920s, long since made public, that Kramer had for research purposes. Also included was a copies of the Ukrainian anarchist paper Liva-Sprava and Udar, the paper of Autonomous Action of Vladivostok.

After a few hours, he was put in a car and thrown out in a strange part of the city. On March 10, arriving in Sapporo via ship from Sakhalin, he was denied entry by Japanese authorities. As of March 11, he remained on board the ship, while local activists appealed to Japanese authorities.

Via No-G8 Action Japan mailing list & World War 4 Report