Ukraine’s “Terrorists” Talk.

Their Message Is to America: 

“Please Stop Terrorizing Us!”

Here’s How That Can Be Done.

Eric Zuesse

A 41-minute documentary has been produced and is online, “Ukraine Crisis Today,” interviewing “terrorists” (as our side calls them) who have been bombed by the Ukrainian Government. We — that is, the United States — installed this Ukrainian government, on February 22nd, in a coup (falsely presented as a democracy movement, but run actually by the U.S. CIA and two Ukrainian fascist parties) against Ukraine’s democratically elected President, Viktor Yanukovych. The government that we installed is now bombing the areas of Ukraine where the voters had voted overwhelmingly for Yanukovych, in Ukraine’s last national election, which took place during February 2010. Our side calls the residents of the Yanukovich-supporting areas “terrorists.” Those are the people our Ukrainian regime bombs.

In the documentary, one hears the bombs go off there, and sees the burning buildings, and the corpses. This is not collateral damage in a war, but instead it’s the targets of the Obama-initiated ethnic-cleansing campaign, to get rid of the people who voted for Yanukovych, to get them to die, or else to flee to Russia. Obama just doesn’t want them to be voting when the next real election is held throughout Ukraine — he wants them to be gone by then (so that he can install a NATO nuclear-missile site there, a mere ten minutes away from being able to annihilate Moscow). And this is how that’s done. It’s a messy job. You just keep dropping bombs on them, and they’ll get the message that they’re not wanted by their new Ukrainian government.

This documentary shows what the U.S. “news” media hide. The U.S. “news” media cannot deny the truthfulness of what’s shown here, so they simply hide it, and instead report stenographically the lies from the Obama Administration, lies about these “terrorists,” and about how we are bringing “freedom” and “democracy” to Ukraine. What we’ve actually brought to power there is fascism. And we’ve brought a civil war, by the government that we installed, against its own people, the residents in Ukraine’s southeastern half.

During 2003, Americans were suckers for Bush’s lies about “Saddam’s WMD,” and in 2014 Americans are suckers for Obama’s lies about installing “freedom” and “democracy” in Ukraine and overcoming “Putin’s terrorists” there — just like we had installed “freedom” and “democracy” in Iraq, and saved them from “the dictator.” But he was their dictator, and that’s better than ours. (Anyway, “ours” isn’t really ours; he’s instead imposed by America’s aristocracy, the same group who are destroying America itself.)

Tragic countries have dictators, but what’s even worse is when the dictator gets installed from outside, like we did in Guatemala, Iran, Chile, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Ukraine.

Enough. Is there no end to such suckerdom of the U.S. public?

Why are we fighting the Cold War again, when there’s no communism remaining, except in North Korea and Cuba? And we’re not even bombing in those places.

Why is there not instead widespread public outrage, and condemnation of Obama reverberating through the halls of Congress?

Did the same people buy Congress who have bought Obama?

What’s left, then, of American democracy?

I have always been a Democrat, and I oppose everything that the Republican Party favors, but this President, and even Democrats in Congress who refuse to call for his impeachment, are little more than fronts for the same corporations that own the Republicans.

See this documentary, and weep for American democracy — because it’s gone. It really is; you see it in their faces.

And then, if you’re American, turn off the TV, and cancel paid subscriptions to The New York Times, Washington Post, Nation, Mother Jones, Progressive, Harper’s, and other fake-progressive mouthpieces of America’s voracious aristocracy.

What’s needed now is for every intelligent American to go on strike, as consumers, against those professional liars.

Fox “News” (and other Rupert Murdoch slimes) will always do fine, because there’s a surfeit of suckers on the Republican side (Tory in U.K.). But the duplicity among our “liberal” press is even worse, because they pretend to be something other than fascist, and they’re actually not.

How many of them are calling for our fascist President to be removed from office?

How many of them are reporting his outrages in Ukraine?

And how many of them are exposing him as a Republican wolf, in Democratic sheep’s clothing — Wall Street’s bail-out king, no less?


And that’s what they’re all worth.

One can find the truth in free media on the Internet if one is at all intelligent; and, if one is not, then one shouldn’t be voting at all, because no one should vote on the basis of lies.

America (along with U.K. and especially Russia) defeated the fascists in World War II. But now we Americans lead the entire world in fascism.

So: enough, already.

It’s time for Americans to strike.

And to either take over the Democratic Party, or else replace it altogether.

This nation needs a committed progressive party, to go up against the committed conservative Republican Party that already exists. The fake “liberal” Democratic Party — the corporatist shell-Party of Obama and the Clintons (your “New Labour”) — needs to be replaced so that America’s voters will have a different choice than simply between smiling fascism, versus frowning fascism.

The first step, is to impeach and expel Barack Obama, the fake. If the fake is not removed, then 2016 will be just like 2008 and 2012.

So, that’s the first step, because it will prove that Democrats won’t fall for that trick again.

Obama must be impeached over Ukraine (and other war-crimes, and other types of crimes that he has committed while in office).

That’s the first step. It’s called: “accountability.” No progressive government can even exist without it.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.