Washington’s Al Qaeda doesn’t exist and never did


Thomas Mullen

For twelve years, the Bush and Obama Administrations have promoted a narrative about the War on Terror. It has changed slightly in superficial ways, as when President Obama gave it a new name, but the crux of the narrative has not changed. The United States is fighting a war against a worldwide terrorist organization called al-Qaeda, formerly headed by über-terrorist Osama bin Laden.

Americans are led to believe that this organization has a single mission against the United States and is directed by a hierarchy of terrorist leaders, all reporting up to a senior command located somewhere in Afghanistan. Many of the lawmakers and cabinet personnel who promote this narrative likely believe it themselves, at least to some degree.

Washington sees al-Qaeda the way it sees itself, a centralized, top-down hierarchy with a chain of command reporting up from every corner of the earth. It makes for a good story, but it’s not even remotely true. Virtually every incident involving this fictional organization refutes the narrative.

Veteran reporter Eric Margolis never believed it. He’s been reporting on the true nature of the Islamic militant groups from the very beginning. He should know what he’s talking about. He was embedded in Afghanistan in the 1980’s when bin Laden and what is now al-Qaeda and the Taliban were U.S. allies, fighting the Soviet Union.

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  • bob dobbs

    It was always a tool of US intelligence. Whether to overthrow Qadaffi or Assad, or to mobilize the US to war as on 9/11. It was always a tool of US intelligence.

    • Al-Qaeda is like Keyser Sose in the film ‘The Usual Suspects’.

      90 percent of people are very gullible. Even the intelligent ones,

      • Carlos Flores

        Deeply inside they know that the government’s explanation doesn’t make sense, but they can not accept it openly because it means action and responsibility. They don’t have the time nor the energy to hate and fight because they are too busy trying to survive.

    • Rudyard Kipling

      Bandar Bush and the other Al Seoud Monkeys DO Exist.

  • mikael

    My initiale coment wanished so I wirte a shorter one.

    This is why its called the graveyard of empries, its sucks your wallet empty, and empires before have done expectly the same, and once more, I welcome anyone to the same feilds as some of us have ben for years.
    You know, its not about hating anyone, regading race collor or creed, its wars and violence, plunder and mayhem, people becomes mercs or despair and pay, simply to suvive.
    Its no problem to gett anouf soilders to fight what ever cause there may be, poverty have always enshured the goverments, that the numbers of cannonfodder is always constant, its the poor ones that is fighting the wars.
    Not the politicians or the corporat men.
    There is been layed tremendous amount of efforts to marginalise, polarise and downroght hatred, against Muslims in general, not matter how just Their initiale anger against the imerialism we have witnesed from the uSSa for decades.
    the world hates the foregin policys of the uSSa, because they see the consequences, witch is never shown on the american tubes, huh.
    Exept for the usual Feelgood propaganda from the boys and girls in the front, where we stil dont see anything, exepet,the “hardshipp” the soilders undergoes, as the ocupy another mans lands.

    Case and effect, the downfall of wellfare in the european lands, the explosion of expences and taxes, the downfall of industry, and so on, by the wars and the imigration waves it have created, and the blame to where it is to be, is in the Goverment of the uSSa/Israel.
    And now, finaly, even thoe some of us have tryaed to point even on this areas, the cost of wars. and bailouts, have even dawned in someone, because, ultimatly, you f… it up our self, and nobody else.

    I hope that the signals, all thoe camuflaged, is real, and they to must have realised the same, the present road is a road to hell.


    • Mick Meaney

      Sorry to hear about your comment vanishing mikael, I’ve checked the database and all of your comments that we’ve received have been published.

      Can you explain in detail what happened?

      It’s possible that you lost connection while writing it or sending it?

  • Dick

    I am shocked! You mean that the best government in the world- the U.S.A. – has been lying to the people all this time? Does this mean that they might be lying about other things as well?