Can Twitter Tip Tags Increase Followers and CTR?

by Mark Collier from

For new Tweeters it is sometimes hard to grasp the value of Tweeting both to them and their followers.

Deciding how your Twitter account is going to give your followers more value than to simply promote your new content is difficult. Another key point is that you will never get valuable followers without providing value.

I had the same problem when I started on Twitter. I wanted followers and I wanted those followers to be interested in every Tweet I wrote. But I knew that would never happen if I simply posted links to my new posts, pages and videos.

So I decided to start a daily link building tip hash tag. That’s #linkbuildingtip on Twitter. I posted a new link building tip every day. I really thought this added value and that it would generate followers.

And slowly (very slowly) but surely I saw new followers trickle in, these were people who had never heard of me before. And as my website was created at the same time as I started Tweeting I didn’t generate any followers being referred from my website.

Setting up your tag

It’s really easy to do.

Think of a general area you cover on your website and come up with 50 tips. Write them down in a Word file.

This is the test as to whether you will be able to write one every day. If you struggle to meet the 50 number this is too niche a topic for your tips. But if you meet the quantity with ease that topic is perfect.

When you have your topic selected you need to choose your hash tag. Try to keep it simple and short but you still need to get across the point of the hash tag. Make sure to do a search for your hash tag on Twitter ( Try to get a tag with not too much competition.

For example after the success of #linkbuildingtip I set up a SEO tip of the day hash tag. There was lots of people using #SEO #tip as their sets of hash tags for their daily tips. So I used #SEOtip and I dominate the search results for anybody looking for my past tips.

Automating your tips

Nobody wants to have to log in everyday and Tweet a new tip. But you can automatically Tweet new tips all at once.

You can do it using Hootsuite and many other Twitter suites and solutions. But this tutorial deals mostly with Hootsuite.

First of all you need to set up an account with Hootsuite. It’s really simple and easy to do.

Once you are logged in it’s time to input those 50 tips you have already written. Click on compose message and you will get a result like this:

Compose a message in Hootsuite

Copy and paste in the first of your 50 tips and click the schedule button like this:

Hootsuite scedule messages

Schedule your message at the best time for your users. If you are trying to reach a global audience like me then 4pm GMT seems to be a really good time for reaching the most people.

But if you are trying to reach a local audience then 1pm is the best time as many people are taking a lunch break. For example if you were Tweeting about your favourite sports club then you would schedule your Tweets for 1pm of the time the club is based.

If you buy or own Hootsuite Pro you can bulk schedule Tweets, otherwise you will have to repeat the process for every Tweet.

Key tips

  • Be consistent, always Tweet at the same time and always Tweet something of value
  • Write all your tips for the month at the same time, that way you are in the zone and you will churn out quality tips
  • Publish your week of Tweets on your blog before you publish them on Twitter to avoid the duplicate content penalty
  • Have themed weeks for particular sub topics, for example for my link building tip hash tag I could have a video marketing week. This also makes your blog posts more themed and relevant to users
  • Let people know about your new hash tag, make a video about it, write a blog post or even guest blog about your hash tag or a related topic
  • The best way to let people know is to announce it multiple times to your Twitter followers
  • The most important tip of mine would be to keep writing and scheduling new tips. It will take lots of time for you to get noticed. Don’t simply stick to tips answer questions and share links to interesting articles too.

    Without a doubt hash tags have increased my Twitter followers in the short time I have been on Twitter. But the most important advantage of using a tip hash tag for me is that your followers are interested in what I have to say and read all my Tweets. That means when I post links to new videos and blog posts, I get a higher than average CTR (click through rate).

    The proof of that is that when I was looking for people to read my eBook and provide a testimonial I sent my followers a DM. I got a high response and a few very important testimonials.

    Good luck with your Twitter marketing, I’ll leave you with one key point.

    Take action with this knowledge, you can read hundreds of articles and watch thousands of videos and that’s really important but you need to apply that knowledge. So right now I want you to go write that list of 50 tips.

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