UK Home Secretary to ‘kick out’ migrants

UK Home Secretary Theresa May speaking at the Conservative Party conference on September 30, 2013.

UK Home Secretary has vowed to severely cut immigration appeals by kicking out migrants who are waiting for a court decision over their visa.

Theresa May spoke at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on Monday, saying the immigration system of Britain resembles a œnever-ending game of snakes and ladders”.

She proposed foreign criminals, terrorists and illegal immigrants should be deported from Britain, back to the country they claimed was breaching their human rights, and await the appeals court decision.

The only exception would be if the case posed a œrisk of serious irreversible harm”, such as torture or execution.

The comments are the latest spat in the government™s crackdown on migrants. Home Office officials said it would reduce the number of appeals cases by more than half. There has been around 68,000 cases lodged year-on-year against UK visa decisions since 2011.


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