Twitter Breaks U.S. Records During Super Bowl 2012

The Super Bowl, no longer just a major sporting event, but one of the worlds largest advertising and marketing phenomena. Each year advertisers and marketers come together to dream up new and exciting advertising campaigns to wow the Super Bowl audience, resulting in sales records being broken year on year. At this year’s Super Bowl there was a new, less obvious record breaker – Twitter!

Discussion on Twitter ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous during the Super Bowl, many Tweets having nothing to do with the actual game. The controversial Ferris Bueller/Honda advert got a lot of attention as did the half time performance.

The highest number of Tweets per second was broken when 12,223 Tweets were made at full time. This smashed the previous record of 7,196 tweets per second, which happened at the final siren of the Japan v United States, Womens’ World Cup final in July 2011.

It wasn’t only the Tweeting at the end of the game that caused a stir. Madonna’s half time performance also received record breaking attention, with over 10,000 tweets per second during the peak of her performance. I wish I could say that all the Tweets were favourable, but it appears Madge has lost her appeal! (we’ll say no more)

Twitter has grown substantially over the past 5 years. Worldwide, there are now over 100 million active users. These users sent over 60 billion tweets last year (that is an awful lot of character counting). With sign-ups increasing every day, no doubt we will see more records being broken before 2012 is out. At this stage, Twitter shows no signs of slowing down and with the sale of mobile devices on the rise it can only mean more tweets.

In itself, Twitter has already revolutionised communication. Whilst it doesn’t have the same following as some of the larger social networks (e.g. Facebook has almost 850 million registered users), it has made a huge difference in the way we communicate.

Movements such as Occupy have been able to establish themselves worldwide thanks to the quick thinking of Twitter users. We have also seen many high profile political personalities turning to Twitter as a way to communicate with the voting public and the younger generations.

With the introduction of Twitter Brand Pages we can expect a further upsurge in users over the next few months and no doubt new records being set and broken.

It’s taken a sporting event for these heights to be reached, what will be the next record breaker? I’d put my money on the U.S. Presidential results…if you’re the gambling type it might be worth a bet!

Matt Beswick runs a digital agency based in London, amongst his clients he lists the company who operate airport lounges in Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick.