Social Media Hopping: Going Where the People Hang Out

by Warner Carter

SEO may be effective at promoting and marketing your business online, but treating this process as the sole tool to your business’ success is a wrong mindset. The problem with many Internet marketers is that they consider their business as an entity that’s purely online. They tend to forget that their online business is an entity that may need traditional marketing methods, too. These businesses need direct promotion and need to be advertised to be known.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop your business’ SEO campaigns. Instead, use social media to support SEO processes and to establish a stronger marketing strategy. Create a blog and post a video or a podcast about your company and its products and services. Be a social media hopper, and visit sites that have millions of users. Waiting in vain for SEO’s promises won’t help, so you must help yourself instead. Get your business some exposure, self-promote your services, and befriend other Web users to make them aware of your business’ existence. If you have the ability to hold a conference or seminar to promote your business philosophies and services, then go for it. Be imaginative and don’t put limits on yourself. Think of search engines as secondary to your strategies. Promote your business first and allow people to search for you, upon knowing about your business’ existence.

If you’re obsessed about SEO and you can’t live a day without checking your stats, then you’re in big trouble. Being in such a condition may not do your business any good.

Search engines are bridges that can help consumers locate your business. However, a search engine offers a very small possibility for your business to get searched. What if you’re new to SEO and you are still on the process of making it to the top? Chances are people won’t be able to get you, so they’ll end up supporting your business’ rivals. With social media tools like social networking sites and blogs, you will be able to disseminate information about your business while bypassing the idea of using search engines to get your website noticed. Direct promotion is what social media offers.

Most Web users have accounts on Twitter and Facebook these days. With these tools’ commenting and messaging features, you can interact with your prospective and existing clients easily, giving them the instant answers they need. Social media tools are perfect ways to feed exact messages, and not vague keywords, to your target market.

— Warner is interested in everything online that fuels discovery. I find SEO a facinating puzzle so of course work for an SEO Reseller, Endless Rise