More Internet Users Trust Social Media in Emerging Markets

A number of studies conducted by eMarketer, PEW and other regional groups have looked into the use of social networks and their trust ratings from all over world. According to these studies, more and more people have been utilizing and, more importantly, been trusting social networks. Just in the United States alone, a whopping 60 percent of internet surfers also make use of various social networks. However, Indonesia and Russia have registered higher numbers with 86 percent of internet users in this development making use of social networks. This means that although social media first gained success in the USA, these websites are also becoming increasingly popular in other emerging markets.

But there is another side to these statistics.

The number of internet users who make use of social media should not automatically be seen as an indication that all of these users trust these websites. Countries like India and Brazil have more internet users which view social media websites as best places to buy products or avail of services with 28.1 and 17.3 trust ratings, respectively. On the other hand, USA and UK have trust ratings of -12.4 and -20.3 respectively despite the fact that these countries have pioneered the use of social media websites. Basically, this means that users from emerging markets like India, Indonesia and Brazil are more likely to be receptive to information broadcasted through social media websites and networks.

What do the statistics really mean?

These figures simply mean that individuals who are peddling their services and goods through the internet should not rely too much on social media just because it’s generating a lot of buzz nowadays. Although there may be countless of Americans that have subscribed to social media websites like Twitter or Facebook, this does not necessarily mean that they use these websites to make purchases.

Best solution:

Individuals putting their services or products for sale, including dentists, shouldn’t put their eggs in one basket. Although a Twitter account or a Facebook account can link dentists to their patients, sales pitches and other marketing pitches are still better off included in their dental websites. Consequently, dentists from other countries which may have been scared to bring their dental practice online through social media websites should try using these various platforms to introduce their services to users of these networking sites. If these dentists do not have any social media strategy yet, now is the right time to come up with one.

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