If You Are Not on Twitter You Are Nowhere

Guest Post by Phyllis Zimbler Miller from Miller Mosaic Power Marketing |

Sending out 140-character tweets on Twitter may not seem very powerful — what can you accomplish in such a short space? And while Twitter may not be for everyone, it is for you if:

– You are in a career path in which you might like to change positions down the road.

– You are launching or promoting a product, service, book, or business.

– You want to connect with other people in your industry.

– You want to learn from others about marketing, social media, website design, or a myriad of other topics ranging from resources for PTSD to children’s reading programs.

Have I covered most people who are reading this guest post? I hope so.

When people look for you online, you want to be found on Twitter because effectively being on Twitter encourages people to trust you. This occurs because, as it turns out, 140 characters can be very powerful.

Now here is the number one thing to remember about effectively using Twitter:

It is NOT about selling or pushing out sales messages.

It IS about forming relationships and nurturing those relationships through conversations on Twitter.

And if you want to be part of authentic conversations on Twitter you need to abide by the unwritten rules:

A main rule (besides not selling) is to share information in which your followers might have an interest. Let me give you an example:

I tweet about topics in two main subject areas — social media marketing and supporting U.S. military personnel. I share links to articles and posts about these subjects whether written by me or others.

What I do NOT do is share links to articles and posts, for example, about art exhibits even though I like to read about art exhibits. I do not share these links because my followers are not following me for this information.

Myth buster #1 about Twitter: It is also NOT about tweeting people what you ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner (unless you are a chef or a food critic).

Myth buster #2 about Twitter: You do NOT have to spend hours a day to effectively participate.

What you do need is a strategic plan for your consistent and continual Twitter participation as well as an understanding of how you can effectively and efficiently carry out that plan.

Bonus tip: A well-defined brand is a good foundation for Twitter participation. When choosing a username, consider whether it is your own name, your company name, or your profession that you most want to highlight.

Then choose a username that preferably does not have an underline, such as John_Smith, or a number, such as JohnSmith6.

And one more thing: Good manners are as important on Twitter as anywhere else in life.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller (@ZimblerMiller on Twitter) and her business partner Yael K. Miller (@MillerMosaicLLC on Twitter) are committed to taking the mystery out of social media so that individuals and companies can utilize the power of social media to attract more business. See the Miller Mosaic Quick Start Social Media Track.