• Francesca Thomas

    This is absolutely disgusting. And of course it was a white cop breaking the arm of a black kid. So somewhere in there is a racist reason for the cop doing what he did as well.

    • Lou

      This is one grossly untrained “cop”. Very dumb also. He was obviously hired for his bulk.

    • Tucker

      I’m White, and also would fit into the definition of a White Nationalist – and it both embarrasses me and disgusts me to have to admit that the vast and almost overwhelming majority of these sadistic, violent, mentally insane, vicious psychopaths with badges who are involved in abusing, torturing, assaulting and even killing American citizens of all races, genders and age groups – are White guys.

      This kind of behavior makes me ashamed of my race and I consider it to be intolerable and unacceptable.

    • Dave

      The reason so many white cops are involved with so many Black “kids” is that so many Blacks belong in cages due to their violence & savagery…

      • Tucker

        I would be the last White guy to try to deny the preponderance of violence and mindless savagery that permeates and seems to grow in intensity with each passing day, within every area of our nation where there is a heavy concentration of blacks.

        But, when I see a video like this one – and see a guy pinned to the ground, and clearly not able to free himself, and then watch this fat slab of white human scum deliberately grab hold of the guy’s arm and then intentionally twist it in a direction that was guaranteed to break it, I have to ask myself the question: If White Europeans are supposed to hold themselves up as examples of civilized humanity – how are we any different or better than the non-white savages that guys like me prefer to live as far away from as possible?

        And, its not only a question of race. I’ve seen videos that are equally disgusting of jackbooted White cops who weigh 240lbs grabbing skinny, 110 lb teenage White girls by the hair and slamming them face first into concrete walls in interrogation rooms or shoving them head first into concrete benches that wind up shattering their facial bones and disfiguring them for life. For what? Because they smarted off to the cop? This is sick and it also undeniably criminal behavior, pal.

        If a cop can’t handle being called a bad name and keep his temper under control, he or she has no business being in a law enforcement position. Such cops are nothing more than rabid animals and they deserve to be put down.

    • robertsgt40

      Thank you sir, may I have another?

  • R.Sooriamoorthy

    Lynch’s law should be immediately applicable for such thugs.

  • Dave

    Awww, too bad for the poor widdle Black “kid”.
    This is what happens when you become violent, resist arrest & act like savages.
    Way too many Blacks in America belong in cages instead of roaming freely amongst humans.
    I curse our founders daily for importing these savages for cheap labor.
    About 30% of the US has ZERO sympathy for the violent Black scum that infests our cities & makes them war zones.

    • brooke

      People behave the way they’re treated, not the other way around.

  • jgee

    Sue him into oblivion, then throw him in jail. Or the other way round, same same. I have seen guards pin a guy in the same position with one hand, while using the radio with the other – how on earth you misapply force like that and mess up an easy hold, I have no idea. Utter, horrific incompetence.

  • taganrogboy

    this is country of terrorism. No rights for people