An Insight into Social Media Sites

by Claire Jarrett from Marketing by Web

For human beings, socializing and interacting within a society has been existent throughout the ages. Distance and time constraints were two major factors that restricted such interactions. As an answer to this problem, the emergence of social media sites via the internet and Web has enabled individuals to reach out far and wide for personal and business communications. If this tool is used wisely, there are countless advantages to gain from such social media sites.

Essentially, a social media site is a website topped up with a host of networking tools for users to apply. From a personal viewpoint, this allows members to create networking groups by requesting and adding contacts. It serves as a huge platform where a member can search for long-lost friends, make new contacts, interact actively with present contact, share photographs, pictures, provide information, discuss topics, etc.

Names such as FaceBook and Twitter are practically on everyone’s tongue these days. To become a member, one must logon to the social media site of interest and fill in certain personal details. Through such sites, many an individual has been able to showcase their personal image more effectively than they would have done in person.

The downside of social media sites however is that there can sometimes be too much exposure and too much freedom to publish whatever one feels. Since the majority of members on such sites are young in age, one should tread with caution. ‘Tweeting’ in Twitter has brought the downfall for many a celebrity member as their hasty words have proliferated across the internet.

Corporations and the business community too have begun to acknowledge the importance of social media sites in making a mark in the business field. All the latest launches, announcements and other ongoing incidents related to a company are now announced through these social media sites. Companies on sites such as Facebook allow even promotional material to be published.

LinkedIn is a site specifically for professionals to meet virtually and interact. Big names in the industry and corporations both have memberships on LinkedIn. Those who are on the lookout for job vacancies or business owners searching for someone qualified for a particular job may find LinkedIn most useful.

There are of course other social networking sites, but at the close of 2010 these three top the bill, with FaceBook some way ahead in terms of users and features.

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