9 Cool Twittering Apps

by Mark Clayson

These days, Twitter is synonymous not only with communication and sharing but with doing so whilst on the move. If you need a application to make your Twitter experience more mobile then you won’t have to look too far to find one. Here are 9 Twitter applications to make your life a little easier and a lot more fun.

Twitpic has become one of the most popular and downloaded apps for mobile phones. Just like the online version, the Twitpic app allows you to easily send images from your phone to Twitter. If that was not enough, many Twitter clients (for example TweetDeck have TwitPic integration functionality. Just take a picture (or use your gallery images) and you can upload it to Twitter in an instant. Worth the small cost to download.

Whilst of the subject of TweetDeck, what better application is there than this to maintain your Twitter stream? This app started off as a desktop program and now is almost indispensible for many Twitter users. It has been refined and developed and now can handle not only Twitter but also other social platforms (such as Facebook and LinkedIn). Want to shorten your urls, share your images or use multiple accounts? No problem, TweetDeck is your answer. It sports a user-friendly and attractive layout and you can easily see, at a glance, your @mentions, Twitter stream and direct messages.

Another application that offers integration with Twitter as well as other social networks is Seesmic. With this you not only have great basic functionality but you can also save searches and use a number of image options. Seesmic allows you to post to dozens of social networks in an instant and supports Twitter as well as Facebook and Ping.fm (the latter allowing you multiple social platform postings). If you want to save crucial messages and status updates then you can do so by simply sending them to Evernote or you can save links with Instapaper or Read It Later. Want to share updates by email or send images to photo services? Then you can. Want to add your whereabouts to a map? Then you can. Seesmic seems to do it all!

If you are listening to a song and want to Tweet it to your friends then you need Osfoora. This is an app only for the iPad but offers the user the ability to save draft Tweets, “pull down” to refresh and the translation of foreign words and phrases. Worth a look but it is not free.

Check out HootSuite. This is a free app supposedly for professionals, but I advise you all to use it. It allows easy of use via column swiping and has a great interface. As well as sporting much of the functionality we have already covered it also allows scheduling of Tweets and the ability to explore trending topics (useful if you want to be in on the current buzz). Perhaps a bit advanced for the basic user – there is a bit of a learning curve.

If you are a Twitter fan but have never heard of Augmented Reality Browsing then head over to the oh-so-cool Layar app for the iPhone (and Android). The application is a little difficult to explain in pure text form – you have to use it to appreciate it. But, by using your camera lens you can gather real time digital information about your locality and therefore locate points, products and services of interest right in front of you. It is a combination of digital and real world reality. And, it’s free.

We can’t do a rundown of popular and useful Twitter apps without mentioning the official Twitter application (previously called Tweetie). This is useful if you want simplicity tagged with functionality. The app offers a number of useful functions (multiple accounts, direct messaging, trends and geotargeting) but remains easily recognised and of everyday use to basic Twitterers.

To morph, in an instant, from the basic to the downright zany, have a look at Tweet Defense, an iPhone app that is worth the small investment simply for the addiction factor alone. It gives a unique form of social integration and allows you to use your Twitter stats to fight enemies such as viral marketing zombies and the lumbering massive Blubberbie. More than just a fad, this is an inspiring tower defense game where you use your friend list and your tweeting activity to develop your strengths.

If you want to go one step further into the world of Twitter App Zarg, then download the reasonably priced Super Twario for iPhone. Mix Super Mario and Twitter for a perfect combination of fun and retro experience. This is a concoction of modern tweeting and bygone era platform gaming. With millions of friends, followers and stalkers, see how Super Twario can improve your “twext life”. Use the accelerometer feature of the iPhone to move around whilst navigating the game and at the same time continue to tweet, reply and retweet as usual. Cool.

Twitter is surely fun as evidenced by the millions of users. But, combine that fun with the ability to interact whilst on the move together with a slightly sideways perspective on how Twitter was meant to be used, then you have a recipe for endless interaction.

Mark Clayson is a small business entrepreneur and social media expert. He helps to create iPhone applications for all types of businesses. Connect with him on Twitter.