14 Twitter Applications You Should Know about

Guest Post by Roger Rae from Fortepromo |

Twitter, tweets, list of followers and followings are the common words for Tweeples (twitter users). The social bookmarking site has always been quite famous because of the popular celebrities joining it and due to stories on how companies are using it to reach to their target audience, but Twitter has also gained more attention with its wide range of smart twitter apps. However, with these new technology apps you can now enhance your Twitter experience like never before. These applications are today, considered as a fundamental part of the huge Social media web marketing strategy. So, let’s take a small peek into some of the most popular twitter apps which altogether make social networking on Twitter a true fun for all its users.

Twitter posting enhancement apps

– Brabblr: Brabblr is currently in Beta stage. The application allows you to post updates at once to all micro-blogging services which includes, Twitter, Pownce, Tumblr, Jabber, etc.

– Autopostr: With Autopostr, you can now let all your twitter friends learn about your recent pictures uploaded on Flickr.

– EmailTwitter: The name says it all for EmailTwitter. This app lets you to send tweets to the Twitter platform through your mobile phone without any SMS charges.

Twitter reading apps

– TopTweet: A truly enjoyable twitter app, TopTweet provides you the updates from the famous twitter personalities.

– TweetWire: This twitter app, finds out the latest links updated on twitter which are then displayed on the Yahoo News page.

– Twitter100: Similar to your simple personal start pages, the Twitter100 allocates a small box to all the people whom you follow on twitter, on a single page and then displays all their latest tweets in them.

Twitter search apps

– Summize: A recent release, Summize is Twitter’s search engine which is slowly taking up its space on the web. It allows you to run RSS Feeds on the query and also filter the tweets by their language.

– Flaptor Twitter Search: Another twitter search engine, Flaptor works similar to that of Summize.


– TwitBuzz: A smart twitter app, TwitBuzz follows all twitter links, messages and users, and then displays them perfectly on its site, according to the Digg Style.

– TweetBeep: This app is very much similar to the Google Alerts. TweetBeep sends you a message every time your targeted set of keywords is mentioned on the social media site, or when a user links your site.

– TwitGraph: Want to know about your Twitter usage, the TwitGraph provides you with a simple graph that shows you your daily tweets, the best 5 words, 5 links and their replies.

Fun apps

– Crowd Status: An interesting Twitter app, Crowd Status views the current status of all your Twitter friends in a simple start-up page format.

– @answerme: With @answerme, you can now track the questions you ask on this socializing platform.

– Foamee: A real fun twitter app, this site allows you to find people who actually owe you a beer or even a coffee with the help of your Twitter account.

However, apart from these basic Twitter apps, you can also find a list of other important applications such as, TwitterSpy, Twitter Blacklist, Twitter Live Updater, etc. which are equally interesting to know and use.

Roger Rae works for Fortepromo Promotional products, a Minnesota-based promotional stress balls company, for over three years.