Cambridge University Twin Towers Theory Debunked


Dr Seffen Paper Proven Ludicrous

By Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

In late 2007 a British academic, Dr. Keith Seffen of the University of Cambridge, published a new mathematical analysis of the collapse of the World Trade Centre — however the paper contains several ridiculous claims. Now a formal request has been made by Mr J A Blacker MSc IMI, who recently debunked the paper, to Dr. Chris Burgoyne, the Head of the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University, highlighting these errors and appealing for the misleading paper to be corrected.

The request points out that Dr Seffen’s paper defies several key laws of physics, i.e. conservation of momentum and conservation of energy.

Mr Blacker’s request also states:

“All the floors offered the same flimsy resistance, when in fact each had different construction characteristics, is beyond any logic as the lower floor core columns were over double the thickness compared to the upper floors.”

Such glaring errors should be an embarrassment to one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities.

Dr Seffen’s paper essentially claims that a falling body can fall through the path of most resistance. Such a claim is ludicrous and defies all logic or honest scientific integrity.

Another inaccuracy in the paper is the fact it does not take into account the energy needed to convert the 300,000 tons of concrete and steel to dust.

“The Seffen analysis is based on the columns being a hollow box construction. What about cross bracing?” states Mr Blacker.

“The Seffen paper claims that burning jet fuel in air can weaken ALL the steel girders evenly (hence symmetrical collapse due to gravity of all columns perfectly), yet both ends of these outer and inner massive columns were outside the fire zone to differing degrees hence heat would have conducted up and down very efficiently at different rates, and many columns were not even subjected to any significant fire. Are we really expected to believe that fire can weaken steel evenly despite the core columns conducting heat efficiently at varying rates away from varied regions of temperature?”

Simply put, for the University of Cambridge to continue supporting this absurd theory is to present a fictional view of physics.

Download the request here in PDF format.

  • Actually Seffen's basic assumptions are ludicrious:

    (1) the upper block begins to accelerate downwards as a rigid undamaged body with density 0.18 ton/m3,

    (2) that the initial load imposed onto the structure beneath was exceptionally high and

    (3) that the damage was bound to propagate.

    The upper block consisted mostly of air and its density 0.18 ton/m3 was similar to that of wool and it was not rigid. That it imposed an exceptionally high initial load is just a dream; it would just have bounced on top of the structure below, where no damage would even occur!


  • Winston Fahrenheit

    Seffen has shown himself to be worthy of the Cambridge MA he proudly lists amongst his qualifications. This automatic MA is awarded to Cambridge and Oxford graduates to reflect the fact that a 3 year Cambridge undergraduate is more demanding academically than one undertaken at the University of Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Southampton, Liverpool etc.

    250+ Engineers and hundreds of other Scientists have come forward to state that the official 9/11 story is a gigantic MYTH. Not a single Cambridge MA in sight, surprisingly. Seffen is a jack ass and his MA is toilet paper, proof here:
    and here:

  • Joe

    I am imagining the upper floors above the plane, to be likened to a martial artists hand about to strike a stack of concrete blocks.

    Why would you think that its striking force could not break all the blocks below it? Is martial arts impossible to prove mathematically?

    [email protected]

  • Winston Fahrenheit

    The Martial artist when encountering the resistance of the blocks continues with a force greater than the underlying force resisting his hand, thus overcomes resistance.

    Secondly does the martial artist turn the blocks into power at the same time? Does the giant oak turn itself sawdust because of a fire in some of its branches?

    You can not extrapolate the model of the martial artist to the collapse of the twin towers. Unless of course your name happens to be Seffen or you hold a Cambridge MA.

    In this scenario, the underlying steel frame and steel core were designed to resist the mass/load from above. When you see the building collapse at near free fall speed, like an apple falling from a tree don't you question – where was the resistance from the core below? When you see the concrete turning to dust in 10 seconds don't you wonder where did this energy come from? Each floor or set of floors hitting the structure below, even in a weakened state (and it's not proven that it was in a weakened state) would have slowed somewhat – so how is the freefall collapse in 10 seconds explainable?

    I urge you to *READ* the statements, background and QUALIFICATIONS posted by more than 250 QUALIFIED ENGINEERS:

    If you are still unconvinced and believe the flawed martial arts theory you have suggested above, I suggest you enrol in a course of Mathematics or Physics here:

  • W Paul Blakey

    Regardless of the pancake theory being correct or not, the question should be: what caused Building 7 to collapse in exactly the same manner? This has yet to be satisfactorily explained.

    Let's stop getting sidetracked here. My wife works in a daycare. When you want to get a three year old to stop doing something you distract them (look at the cuddly bunny). The same technique is being used to keep people's attention away from the Pentagon and Building 7.

    Grow up. Think for yourself. Question authority.

  • 3 year old kid

    911 was an inside job and thanks to people who actually have the brains to Debunk the 911 Cambridge lies as opposed to just making sly comments, I as a 3 year old kid am very greatful.

    Now, were is that Cuddly Bunny?

    Ahhhh its just fallen through Building 007 at freefall and followed the path of most resistance.

  • 3 year old kid

    See the WTC being built here:

    Have to have my milk now all filled with toxic poisons and growth drugs.

  • Joe

    Ah Yes, Grow up… think for yourself….Question Authority.

    But 911 "TRUTH" is the goal, is it not? I will give another example.

    Line up 14 balls on a billiard table each 1" apart. Now strike the

    first ball with the cue ball. You will see a chain reaction all the

    way to the last ball. Strangely, you do not need to increase your force as you go along? Strangely the process does not slow down as it goes along either.

    I'm not ready to believe EITHER side of this story yet….

    Hmnn… now building 7…. THAT is a REAL Puzzle!!! :-)


  • christian

    Yes, Joe. But as the first ball strike the second, the first is stopped. And as the second ball strike the third, is is stopped too, and so forth to the 14th ball. Finally, the energy is transferred from the first to the 14th, (when you neglect energy loses), it's not so that the 14 balls keep rolling ! If you want to have all 14 balls keep rolling at the same speed, you have to increase the force.

  • 3 year old kid



    mmmm mm MMMMMM?



    i now need a nap after that and a change of nappy because I have just had a large dump.

  • Joe

    How many floors were above the planes's entry point?

    Was the floor just below the planes entry point, designed to

    handle the weight of the 20+ floors to be dropped from a 10 foot height? The forces involved in this 10ft drop must be enormous?

    The term "pancake effect" is misleading. I think I remember a term

    something like "kinetic energy"?

    A concrete block can easily support the weight of 20 blocks on top of it. But drop those 20 blocks from a few inches away, and see what happens.

    If you must insist on conspiracy… then at least realize that all you need to do is remove the support on the floor were the planes hit, and let gravity do the rest.


  • 3 year old kid

    Once upon a time there were 4 cars in a scrap yard. One was a mini, one was an escort, one was a jaguar and one was a big RR.

    The scrap man stacked the three largest cars one on top of the other.

    the big RR first, then the jaguar, and then the escort.

    As the man went to stack the mini on top, the mini dropped 10 feet onto the three cars below.

    Is there anyone who is not a blooming great ninny would ever consider the mini would ever crush the other three cars to dust and rubble at near freefall speed as though it was falling through clear air?

    It is just not physically possible Ever, Never. Unless you use explosives.

    The WTC had a 3 times working load built into each tower, the bottom floor was engineered to withstand 3 WTC towers on top, not just 1.

    Now please actually read the blooming artice in full – READ IT BOZO!

  • Intelitary Milligenc

    Joe, the application of force is NOT INSTANTANEOUS.

    THERE WAS NO WEIGHT TO THE UPPER FLOORS. The floors impacted individually. In order to FEEL the force of the upper floors the upper floors had to actually meet the lower floors.


    It was floor 80 hits floor 79. Both 79 and 80 destroyed. Floor 81 HAS NOT FELT ANY FORCE NOR APPLIED ANY FORCE.

  • 3 year old kid

    Take 3 light house bricks, stack them, then drop a heavier larger Accrington brick onto the 3 stacked bricks.

    There will be some damage perhaps, but it is just not possible for the larger brick to crush the 3 stacked bricks to dust and rubble using only Gravity.

    So if a larger Accrington Brick could not do it – a much lighter brick could not do it either. try it for yourself.

    A steel girder structure would be even stronger. We use this type of construction because it is the best strength to weight ratio of any known affordable structure. We could use Titanium but that would be too expensive.

    On 911 the top bit was the lightest brick.

    The bottom, stronger, heavier 80+ floors were the three stacked bricks, which in reality had a 3 times working load per floor.

    So the bottom floor was designed to hold up three times 109 floors which is 327 floors.

    The second to top floor was only designed to hold up 3 floors.

    Go to and see the Evidence including the tech drawings:-

    I have to go and do some breast feeding now.

    • JayG

      You are by far the smartest 3 yr old I've seen.

      Which doesn't say much for a few adults here (and you know who you are). The points you raise are valid and logical. Can't say the same for the official reports on WTC "collapses." Basic structural engineering is indeed missing from those "official" report, so it's easy to "imagine" the collapses when you leave out key factors. And as long as you slap NIST on the report, people will accept the most ludicrous claims.

      The suppression of truth related to a crime is in itself criminal. So much for justice.

  • Richard Robbins

    Look, no steel framed building prior to 9/11 has EVER disintegrated to dust at free fall speed when attacked by fire.

    No building that has displayed all of the characteristics of a controlled demolition has EVER not been a controlled demolition.

    My primary difficulty with the official conspiracy theory is that steel is ductile which means that when heated slowly by fire, steel will slowly soften and deform. There is no logical reason for a sudden catastrophic collapse. This suggests a sudden loss of strength rather than the gradual loss of strength we expect from heating.

    Even if the steel lost enough strength to 'fail' that failure would be DEFORMATION, not a fracture.

    There is no realistic mechanism for the twin towers to have suddenly disintegrated to dust other than explosives being used to simultaneously sever all of the supporting columns.

    Dr Seffen is seriouly in error here and really should retract his absurd paper.

  • Dr Laston

    Squibs created by high air presure rushing down twenty floors to blow out windows is not a theory i would subscribe to and was this to be true then each floor would act like an giant kids castle and so delay the speed the building came down at.

    GW-Bush will be taken to court one day sooner or later

  • Scottie T

    I'm not a physicist so it was difficult for me to understand some of the theory behind the questioning of 9/11, but I felt the 9/11 Truth seemed to have merit in their questions. Today, unfortunately, conspirators have still been preaching while much information has been devoted to proving the conspiracy theory is false. I have read both sides carefully and disagree to the claim that the Twin Towers attack was an inside job.

    Here are a few reasons:

    While some of Popular Mechanics methods and analysis are being hotly disputed, it's conclusions hold much water than any conspiracy theory. And while the conspirators will hold firmly to one aspect of their story, the information that was given by Popular Mechanics on Flight 93 and the Pentagon crash are difficult to debate. Any break down of one aspect of the theory just seems to unravel the entire theory itself. Why it does this brings me to my next reason for not believing the conspiracy…

    Why? Why would the United States stage a massive attack on its own population? Like I said before, I'm not a physicist, however, I've read many historical books and have a degree in economics. So the two theories that have run rampant on the reason for 9/11 are completely false.

    1) I've read a lot about the shady things are government has done, through arms sales, CIA supportive coup d'etats. In our post-WWII history we have NEVER needed a good reason for going to war. NEVER. We are masterminds at inflaming poorly gathered intelligence to execute our goals. American administrations do it all the time. Reagan invaded Lebanon without having any attack on our soil. And he did it in the name of a "war on terror."

    2) Referring back to when said I studied economics the second point of the "why" question that doesn't hold water is the theory this is for oil. That makes no sense. Even if we install a new government they sell the oil. It's not our governments profit, it's theirs. Saddam never stopped shipment of oil, and our invasion of Iraq has led to 1/3 less oil compared to pre-war levels being shipped out. Not to mention the securing the oil pipelines is an extremely daunting task now. To send the point home, majority of our oil doesn't even come from the Middle East! It comes from Canada and Mexico! We would we need to be worried about securing 5% of our oil supply?

    The reason for America's invasion of Iraq was to create modern friendly democratic regimes, and it will fail to do so.

    I will end with one last question to the conspiracy theorists. It stems from the principle of Ockham's razor. The simplest solution is best. Here are two scenarios:

    A massive involvement of thousands of Americans in the media government and military are knowingly covering up the fact that 2 drones crashed in the WTC and one missile into the Pentagon and the Twin Towers were laced with hundreds of explosives to be detonated causing the Towers to fall and kill thousands of civilians.


    19 pissed off Middle Eastern men hijacked four planes.

    The simplest solution tends to be the correct one.

  • 3 year old kid

    Scottie T

    So 19 Muslim Hyjackers not on any flight manifest, controlled by a known CIA asset who lives in a cave in Afganistan, causes NORAD to not intercept not once but 4 times all on the same day by turning off transponders.LOL.

    It turns out the BBC have interviewed 7 of these dead suicide hyjackers & two of them still fly for sudi Airlines.

    Then, 3, not 2, 3 steel fraimed and Reinforced Concrete skyscrapers defy every known law of physics and have the lighter top bits fall through the path of most resistance lower and much heavier bottom 1 square acre , quater of a mile of over 200,000 + tonnes of ridgid building material at almost freefall speed.

    And guess what, the FBI wanted posters only has Osmar Binladen down as a 911 suspect only.

    Now, is there anybody who can see a real big fat smelly dump of a lie with the official US Government outragiouse CONSPIRICY THEORY?!

    Guess what, burning office furnature & jet fuel in air can not weaken 47 massive steel core collumns in less than 2 hours, because the heat would have conducted up and down the massive core collumns faster than it was put in by the office fire, only one way in , but two ways out by conduction, then there is convection and radiation too.

    And if you were to drop the top 20+ floors through sea water they would take over 20 seconds to fall the 1/4 mile at sea level, how can Solid Building offer less resistance than sea water? ITS just PHYSICALLY IMPOSIBLE!!!

    Scottie T , would you like to buy a safe sea front apartment in central Bagdad, its only one bomb creater and a few bullet hole but its real cheep and in a good neighbourhood.

  • Peter Harris

    First of all I am an engineer and can say that the 911 conspiracy theories are hogwash.

    All 19 terrorists died on the planes. They weren't on flight data because they used false names. The BBC has not interviewed them. If they had it would be common knowledge. It's another lie.

  • Peter Harris

    The FBI is confident that it has positively identified the nineteen hijackers responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Also, the 9/11 investigation was thoroughly reviewed by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States and the House and Senate Joint Inquiry. Neither of these reviews ever raised the issue of doubt about the identity of the nineteen hijackers.

  • Maximus

    So let me see if I have this correct, Peter H who is an engineer thinks that Asymmetrical Ballistic damage plus Asymmetrical fire damage can cause Symmetrical Collapse through the path of most resistance at almost free fall speed.

    Peter, H = 1/2 g t^2 mate, use the Physics pall, plug in 417 metres for H, rotate and get a value for time.

    So go on then Peter, why did the bottom strongest (UNDAMAGED) lower 80+ floors offer almost Zero Resistance?

    How could any hijackers do that? Oh and by the way Peter, two are still flying for Saudi Airlines and are suing the US government – that's a bit hard to do if they really were dead dont you suspect?

    Use the Physics – not Engineered Diatribe!

  • Maximus V

    Hey Peter Harris,

    My car has a 1.9 Diesel with turbo, it takes 18 seconds to do 1/4 mile in Air from a standing start.

    Do you suspect I could do that time if I put the brakes on 79 times?

    Wake up people, I can only do that time with the brakes off.

    Just like the building on 911, the building with no air resistance would have taken precisely 9.22 seconds. Once you factor air resistance it always reduces the acceleration and therefore increases the fall time.

    NIST; the Videos and the seismic data all show both twin towers fell in under 10 seconds.

    In other words, the bottom 80+ floors offered almost zero resistance to the falling top portion.

    Controlled timed demolition is the only way the bottom portion can appear to offer near Zero resistance.

    Sorry to have to prove it to you, but it means the US government is a big fat Treasonous CROOK!

  • > First of all I am an engineer and can

    > say that the 911 conspiracy theories are

    > hogwash.

    Fallacy: argument from authority.

    > All 19 terrorists died on the planes. They

    > weren’t on flight data because they used

    > false names.

    The claim that the terrorists' names weren't on the flight manifests is one of the commonly repeated errors in the 9/11 literature. The flight manifests were never released by the airlines. The lists published by CNN specifically say that they were put together by CNN from public information and reports by family members — and that the [alleged] hijackers' names were kept off the lists out of respect for the families.

    > The BBC has not interviewed them. If they had it

    > would be common knowledge. It’s another lie.

    Sorry, you're wrong on both counts:

    Sunday, 23 September, 2001, 12:30 GMT 13:30 UK

    Hijack 'suspects' alive and well

    Years after 9/11 skeptics made an issue of this, a BBC editor claimed to have retracted the story, but the story was retracted only partially, and in regard to only one or two of the hijackers. It's really quite bizarre — and a bit pathetic — to see a journalist squirming the way he did.

    You have an absurdly misplaced faith in the media. MANY things are true that never become common knowledge … just as many things that are not even remotely true are widely believed. For a bare start, google _Operation Gladio_ and _Operation Northwoods_.

    > The FBI is confident that it has positively

    > identified the nineteen hijackers responsible

    > for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    Wrong again:

    "FBI Director Robert Mueller [admitted] that some of the hijackers may have stolen identities of innocent citizens. In September 2002, Mueller told CNN twice that there is "no legal proof to prove the identities of the suicidal hijackers." After that admission a strange thing happened – nothing. No follow-up stories. No follow-up questions. There was dead silence and the story disappeared. It was almost as if no one wanted to know what had happened. In fact, the FBI didn't bother to change the names, backgrounds or photographs of the alleged 19 hijackers. It didn't even deny the news reports suggesting that the names and identities of at least six of the hijackers may be unknown. Mueller just left the door open."

    > Also, the 9/11 investigation was thoroughly

    > reviewed by the National Commission on

    > Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

    > and the House and Senate Joint Inquiry. Neither

    > of these reviews ever raised the issue of doubt

    > about the identity of the nineteen hijackers.

    PLEASE. The very family members whose insistence finally got the Commission started after more than a YEAR of stonewalling were disgusted and outraged by its performance. Watch _9/11: Press for Truth_. Three-fourths of their questions, which the Commission had promised to use as its marching orders, were ignored or lied about. One Commission member (Max Cleland) resigned in protest, saying he would not be part of a Warren Commission-style cover-up. Two other Commissioners wrote a book (Kean and Hamilton, _Without Precedent_) in which they said the Commission had been "set up to fail" and that they had considered referring top military officers for criminal prosecution for misleading the Commission and obstructing its investigation. But these Commissioners were told that they did not have to power to even REFER those officers for that action. It was left to the military to police itself. Hmm, I wonder why that never happened. Read Griffin's book _The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions."

    Come back when you've done your homework.

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  • Victor

    Why trust the word of an unvetted & unknown person who claims to be an engineer when there are over 650 Architects & Engineers who show that 911 was indeed and inside job?

    • mjbrin

      could you please list the 650 Architects & Engineers …. I would like to look each one of them up and get their credentials…..

  • Victor

    Go to Architects & Engineers fro 911 truth to see how & why 650 + Real Architects & Engineers say 911 was a set of 3 controlled demolitions.

    See the actual Evidence

  • pete

    Isn't one of the problems that this has thrown up is that there is little reason to trust the Us and Uk govornments. Whether the act was orchestrated from Afghanistan or Langley the illegal invasion of countries, the illegal and immoral arrest and confinement of untried individuals and the sanctioned torture of suspects undermines any moral credibility.