Elias Davidsson is an Iceland-based musical composer, human rights campaigner and researcher. He was born in Palestine in 1941 to Jewish refugees from Germany and grew up in Jerusalem in a neighbourhood where Jews, Muslims and Christians lived in peace together, which as he says has permanently coloured his outlook on current Middle Eastern problems. Although he has no university background he describes himself as an “independent scholar in international law and human rights”, with the emphasis on ‘scholar’. His articles in the fields of international law and human rights have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, International Journal of Human Rights and Florida Journal of International Law and International Legal Theory (published by the American Society of International Law). He is among the very few Icelanders, including tenured professors, whose articles have been published in such periodicals.

In recent years Elias has turned his attention to the events of 9/11 and to the broader issue of the ‘war on terror’, examining these issues from a criminological, legal and moral perspective and applying his customary scholarly rigour to his investigations. He believes citizens from all countries of the world need to be engaged in questioning the events of 9/11, to which end he has been active in promoting the growth of the European 9/11 Truth movement, and runs its website www.911truth.eu.  

For articles by Elias see www.aldeilis.net
On 11 September 2001 approximately 3,000 people were killed in the United States in what was variously designated as a terrorist attack, an act of war or a crime against humanity. The events of this day were used to justify two wars and increased militarisation and constitute a grave assault on both international law and human rights.

Contrary to popular belief, however, the US authorities have not positively identified the perpetrators, nor their accomplices, nor the tools of the murder. Yet the victims and society as a whole are entitled, under human rights law, to know the truth about the events of 9/11.

In his lectures, Elias will outline the moral and legal foundations for the right to the truth, the obligations of states to thoroughly investigate mass murder, and will illustrate the extent to which US authorities have violated their international obligations to establish the truth about what happened on 11 September 2001.

Elias’ empirical approach, devoid of speculation, provides powerful conceptual tools to those who are committed to defend democracy and the rule of civilised law at both the domestic and international level.

Print-outs of Elias’ recent articles on 9/11 issues will be available at the lectures and their duplication and distribution in particular to lawyers, academics and politicians is actively encouraged.

Elias’ tour schedule is still in process of finalisation but dates/locations so far are as follows. Please revisit this site as of 16/17 October for final details or phone the local organisers.
Admission at each location will be free, but donations towards the cost of room-hire and the speaker’s travel may be requested.  

Monday 22nd October, 19.00 CONFIRMED
Indian YMCA, Fitzroy Square, London W1

Wednesday 24th October, 20.00 CONFIRMED
Friends’ Meeting House, Ipswich

Thursday 25th October, 19.00
Venue t.b.a.

Friday 26th October, 19.00
Venue t.b.a.

Saturday 27th October
Venue t.b.a., possibly Birmingham Central Mosque

Sunday 28th October
Venue t.b.a

Monday 29th October, 19.00
The Agenda TV program, Islam Channel, with Yvonne Ridley