The Page Rank & Public Relations in SEO

by Warner Carter

If you just started blogging today and you’re wondering why some 2-year-old blogs still rank low in search engines, you can attribute the latter to one of two things. Either PageRank influences website visitors or the website owner isn’t doing enough SEO.

Although Google has no recent updates on PageRank and on the issue of PageRank being a core factor in determining a site’s ranking, you still have to consider PageRank’s power in your blog’s public relations.

Whenever we encounter a new website, whether we admit it or not, we always consider its PageRank. This helps us have at least a personal judgment of the site’s current rankings. Stat counters are considered outdated, so we switched to judging a website through its PageRank, or PR.

To have a good PR is to have good public relations. Your PR is your badge to those who judge your site, sending them the message that you’re in the position to talk about your niche. That’s where public relation comes in.

Link building alone can save you from PR 0

What kills a content-loaded blog is the absence of link building in its SEO promotional strategy. Even if you’re the hottest blogger in town and your site enjoys more than a hundred hits per day, your PR will be in trouble if you exclude link building from your strategies. Seeing a comment-filled website without a decent PR pains me. Having a good PR means that your target audience trusts your website.

I have encountered bloggers who are unaware of what SEO and PageRank are all about, yet continuously gain traffic, comments, and followers because they take time to add people on their blog list. Think of the success you can achieve if you know something about SEO, if you build relationships by simply exchanging links with other bloggers. Doing this simple trick won’t hurt you.

PR overview

If you have use effective link building strategies, your site’s PageRank may soon increase. This may attract SEO geeks and give an air of authority to your site. As a result, your site attracts more readers and visitors. Your site becomes well-visited, appearing on Google’s first page of search engine results. Even Web users who know nothing about SEO will visit your blog, not only because you top Google’s search results but also because you’ve become the talk of the town.

— Warner is interested in everything online that fuels discovery. I find SEO a facinating puzzle so of course work for an SEO Reseller, Endless Rise