The Importance of Domain Authority and Page Rank in SEO

by Warner Carter

Whether it’s true or not that Google is excluding Page Rank as a factor in considering a website’s adherence to their algorithms, many web owners still believe that PR is important in determining a website’s SEO success. Page Rank, as Google’s assessment of a certain webpage’s importance, has become popular in identifying the value of a website, even when this unconfirmed rumor was published on blogs all over the Web.

Without a doubt, a website domain’s authority affects the site’s rankings. A website with a high PR means it enjoys a significant amount of traffic from other high-PR sites. It also shows that owners of sites with high Page Ranks perform effective link building strategies as part of their SEO campaigns. Sites with authoritative domains have been around for a long time, and these sites probably earned their PR through unwavering link building and SEO processes.

Authority comes with age. Just like in politics, you can’t achieve a certain sense of authority without time.
Gaining authority is every new website’s goal. Link acquisition should be done as soon as the website goes live. In short, strategic link building should be every website’s first step in SEO, as well as in targeting future domain authority.

Domain authority also comes with proper branding and online reputation. Domain authority is useless without well-established online integrity. That’s why experts are careful with the link building techniques they use. They carefully scrutinize partner links and sites. They also avoid spamming and excessive back linking because these will only hurt their online reputation. They take link building seriously to achieve positive online reputation and strong domain authority.

Linking to high-authority sites
Getting one inbound link from a high-authority site is considered better than getting multiple links from low-authority sites. This only shows how domain authority affects a website’s link juice. It also plays a big part in Google’s tendency to index a certain website. Domain authority is one key to effective link building and, eventually, successful search engine optimization.

Improving and gaining domain authority
The simplest way to improve domain authority is by guest-blogging and submitting articles on high-authority sites. Receiving links from high-authority sites gives your site a measure of authority as well. Continuous link building opens a bigger opportunity of achieving authority.

Domain authority in numbers
Although domain authority is about a website’s integrity and importance, there are some websites that provide authority rankings from 1-100. Yahoo!, Facebook, and other SEO-related websites also use a meter to measure a website’s domain authority.

The real essence of domain authority is having a positive online reputation. Link with high-authority, high-PR, and relevant sites, and domain authority for your site is within reach.

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