Sum it up with Summify

RSS is a topnotch tool to stay in touch and get updated with your favorite sites and blogs. To have RSS feed is like having an online correspondent from around the globe to supply all the needed information from and outside your niche to strengthen your business. RSS feeds are a significant tool especially to small businesses that do not have direct and special access to bigger news feed providers like Reuters.

However, everything in excess is always harmful. To be bombarded with repetitive and not-so-up-to-date info on a given date is nothing but an annoying thing. A plethora of useless things is nothing but nonsense, and I personally came to the point of disabling my own RSS button on my blog, as well as stopping all my subscriptions from other sites because they just don’t help me. Some RSS-reliant bloggers call them Spams.

Then I found this site through an expert blogger. For weeks, he kept on bragging about how it effectively eradicated his RSS dilemmas. His repeated words and updates about it annoyed me, so I forcefully gave in to his enticement.

I eagerly set it up and hovered on its features. I clicked some elementary settings and left it just that–just like how he instructed–expecting nothing great from a site recommended by a seasoned Internet writer.

I was so amazed because Summify filtered my feeds according to my choice. My email inbox had its first day of ease, first day without irrelevant space-eating mails from my favorite blogs.

“Summify, as a quality control tool, has changed my blogging and reading habit. It’s a separate powerful plugin for all bloggers and online business owners,” replied the blogging expert after I thanked him through a short email.

Summify involuntarily identifies the most important posts and articles across all social media networks and tells why they are significant to my niche. Add to it is its improving quality control as you subscribe to more sources. It is like having personal data organizer on the Web.

And unlike any RSS control tool on the Web, Summify is free, easy to use and requires no deep computer knowledge to operate. It is specifically designed for beginners and not-so-techie small business owners.

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