SEO – A Website Marketing Powerhouse

SEO has been a hot-button word in the website marketing arena for quite some time. I still hear on a daily basis, “will search engine optimization help my company?” The fact of the matter is unless you have a SEO consultant look over your site, your current marketing, etc. and make the necessary changes, there is a 99.99999% chance that search engine optimization can help your company. Let me clarify just how this form of marketing can help contribute to your company’s bottom line.

Great SEO = Location, Location, Location

Picture your website as a retail location, now imagine that you are in the busiest shopping mall in America and that almost everyone that walked by your shop was a potential customer. This is the advantage of SEO in a nutshell. Search engine optimization enables you to attract the right kind of visitors to your site when they are in buying mode. How do you know they are in buying mode?  Their search habits give us insight into their true intentions.

Imagine you run a printing shop that specializes in Brother laser printers. Now imagine that a search engine user opens up their favorite search engine (Google, Bing, or Yahoo) to look for a laser printer and types in the search phrase “Brother Color laser printer,” which is exactly what you carry. Now, envision a search engine user typing in the phrase “color printer.” Do you think your chances are better converting a visitor that is looking for a “color printer” or one that is searching for the exact brand (Brother laser printer) the search engine user happens to prefer? How do we know that’s what the customer is looking for?  It’s because they typed it in… plain and simple. In what other form of marketing do you have the ability to pinpoint potential customers at the height of their buying cycle?

Unique Ability To Target Potential Clients

Search engine optimization gives us the ability to harness the power of keyword relevant searches/research and use it to our advantage. By determining what keywords your customers may be searching for we can effectively target your potential client.

Now picture your website as a retail location in a shopping mall in the middle of nowhere. Now imagine the lack of visitors to your retail location, this is your website without SEO. It’s pretty cut and dry when you look at the facts, SEO has been and remains to be extremely important for your business.

Chris practices search engine optimization over at St. Louis SEO. He enjoys helping St. Louis area business owners with their local SEO and website design needs. On top of being an avid fan of analyzing search algorithms, he also enjoys helping clients throughout the United States with their local and nationwide website marketing needs.