Gaining Important Information In The SEO World

by Ryan Toms from Easy Offices

As an SEO I am constantly looking out for new tips across the web to try and stay ahead of the game and if you’re an SEO and you are not doing this then you should be! Reading other peers thoughts on the industry is never a bad idea, even if you think they are wrong.

There is however, a big problem when it comes to reading SEO posts, you have to sort out the rubbish and this is where the time comes from. Another problem is that once you have read something once you will see it appear many times over and not just on that individual day but for weeks and months.

Experts To Bloggers

You need to find a couple of sites to stick with when it comes to learning your SEO knowledge, although you will not go wrong with exploring new sites all of the time it is safe to say that if you are following the sites that are always ahead of the game you will go far. The problem is that once the big sites release something the smaller SEO sites write it and add their own views and then this passes down to the thousands of bloggers that strip it down even further and make it a bit of a mess. A lot of newcomers then come across these blogs that perhaps don’t fully understand what is going on themselves which makes things even more messy, not good.

SEO’s Fault?

The main problem that people have with the industry is that we are very unwilling to actually give away any information that is going to help build up your link campaign. Sure we might warn you that Google Places is going to cause you problems and I personally would say you should not be discounting Bing as a game player against Google but would I tell you my personal link building tactics? Of course not and this is where some of the problems come from.

If someone releases what they are doing it gets taken across the web thousands of times and used to death and before you know it the method has been discovered by Google and stopped or has just become pointless because so many people are doing it. By “methods” I am not talking Black Hat here people, let’s just make that clear. Any link gained for SEO purposes is not something you should be doing according to Google, never forget that!

Think about it in terms of commenting on this post, if the links were do-follow and three people put links in the thread then great! On the other hand if thousands come in and post links not only would it be bad for the site but would not benefit your link campaign at all. Again I am talking well thought out comments not the normal spam we often see such as, “great post”, “fantastic read”, “I have subscribed to your RSS feed, amazing!”.

You will often find the same information appearing across your searches because SEOs don’t want to give away key information about what they are doing.

Sorting Through

If you want some honest advice then take the time to find an SEO site that is honest and willing to give away at least some information away. Sure sites like SEOmoz have fantastic information and they know what they are talking about but is this site the best place for newcomers to the industry?

Once you have found your sites get involved with the SEO community there and make friends, you will find that instead of being alone in the industry you will involved in groups and these groups are far more likely to find useful information and at least share it with you to help you in your campaign.

Ryan is a keen internet marketer working for a company that deal with office space You can follow him on Twitter @ ryanogs.