10 Tips for Improving Your SEO Results

Search engine optimization is very important for any business or website that wants to become successful and wants to be recognized and noticed more. If you’re wondering what exactly search engine optimization is, I’ll give you a brief description. When people search for your business or website, you want it to be as high on Google as possible and search engine optimization will help your website be higher when searched for.

So, the question many website owners ask is what they can do to help get their website higher when searched for. Here are some helpful tips to use to help you with your search engine optimization.

1. Your content

You need to make sure that your content goes along with the keywords you use. Also, how your website presents itself is very important. Search engine optimization won’t make much of a difference if they find your website and it’s not quality content.

2. Keep track of your ranking

Always know where you stand on search engines. You won’t be able to keep track of where your website ranks if you don’t check often to see if it’s getting any higher or lower. You need to know if your search engine optimization techniques are working and you won’t know that if you don’t follow up on the work you do.

3. Make your URLs understandable

You want your URLs easy for your readers/customers to understand and read. Try to keep them very clear and relatable to what the page is about. You don’t want a lot of random letters and numbers in the URLs that will turn your readers off to your website.

4. Where you put your keywords

Your keywords need to be in strategic locations, this will help them show up more on search engines. Try to place them throughout your content, in titles, the name of your website, URLs, etc.

5. Think like an average person who is searching

When an average person tries to search for your business or a business such as yours, what are the keywords you believe they would typically type in? Be sure you try to use keywords that you think potential customers will use to search for your business.

6. Don’t use too many keywords

This is very important! If you use too many keywords, people will start to believe that your website is just spam and your website could be blocked. So don’t overuse keywords, use just the right amount.

7. Don’t stress too much over your ranking

Yes, you want to be very high in the search engines when you are searched for, but don’t stress too much. Focus more on what page you are on. You can’t win them all, especially when you are in a competitive field and there are many other businesses or websites ahead of yours. Be happy if you are on a decent page rather than upset because you aren’t first.

8. Be up-to-date with your content

If you don’t update your website often, you’re customers/readers are going to get bored with you and look elsewhere. This kind of goes along with what I mentioned before about it not making a difference if your website is ranked high if the quality of your content isn’t great. You need to update your content often so you can keep your readers/customers interested in what you have to offer them. The more popular you are, the higher you can get on search engines.

9. Link to other sites

If you want other sites to use your link to your website, you’re going to have to use their links too. This will make you more popular out there, so be generous with others and they will be more likely to be generous and friendly with you and your website.

10. SEO takes a lot of time

Don’t expect to work on your SEO for a day or two and then BOOM! Your website is ranked high. No, SEO takes a lot of time and effort and it will most likely be something that you will have to work with on a daily basis which will be very worth it when you are finally happy with where your page is on search engines and you’re bringing in a lot of traffic.

Johan Hedin is the Managing Director of Marketing Ignite, one of the major SEO Companies in Bangkok.