War Criminal Blair memo provides ammo for critics

Less than a day after a revelation that Tony Blair had plotted the invasion of Iraq a year before it actually happened speculations are rising in Britain over how this could provide more ammunition to criticisms against the former prime minister.  

Lindsey German from Stop the War Coalition told Press TV on Sunday that the revelation testifies the hypothesis that Blair took an illegal decision to take Britain to war in Iraq.

“His decision was illegal regardless to anything else that happened. To say that we are going to war not about the defense of Britain or the United States but effectively about regime change,” said German.

“I think what the memo does is to give us further proof that Blair should be … prosecuted as a war criminal (in The Hague),” she said.

Also, Chris Bambery, a UK-based journalist, writer and broadcaster, told Press TV that the revelation by the British media regarding Blair’s decision over the Iraq war is not a big surprise but is nonetheless a fresh proof that the former prime minister “was a liar”.


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