VIDEO: The war on Iran is on

“This path was selected a long time ago”

Today, George Bush invoked the ideaof World War III in connection with Iran… after the Russian leader Vladimir Putin declared Iran has no nuclear weapons program.

Unfortunately, they can… Here is the problem:

A huge percentage of peace-loving Americans believe that Bush would never seriously consider attacking Iran.

They point to the lack of support Bush has at home, the fact that US military resources are stretched thin in Iraq and the over all insanity of the idea. Unfortunately, not only would Bush and Co.*consider* attacking Iran…they give every indication – to people with eyes that can see – that they are preparing to attack the country before the Bush administration ends its term. It is hard to protest a war you do not believecould ever happen.

Believe it.

And if you think attack Iran is a bad idea, start protesting now. There is probably no more important pro-peace and pro-Constitution action you can be involved in now.