US neoconservatives want war against Iran: Grossman

International lawyer Barry Grossman says US neoconservatives are seeking a military attack against Iran over the country’s nuclear program because it is “profitable” for them.

“For a number of the years, the usual suspects, which include basically neoconservatives around the world and Zionists wherever they might be, and of course they’re basically the corporate structure comprising what used to be called the military-industrial-complex, they’ve been pushing the issue simply because they want a shooting war with Iran for various purposes. It’s profitable,” Grossman told Press TV on Tuesday.

He made the comments after US President Barack Obama once again reiterated that there is no military solution over Iran’s nuclear energy program.

The US president said based on facts and evidence and analysis “the best way to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon is a verifiable, tough agreement.”

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