MoD Opposed Inquiry Into Torture And Death of Iraqi Civilians

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The British Ministry of Defense “vigorously opposed” an inquiry into the death and torture of Iraqi civilians by UK soldiers, a lawyer in the al-Sweady case has claimed.

John Dickinson, one of the lawyers representing the Iraqis, lashed out that the Mod for dragging its heals, stating they were forced to concede that an inquiry was inevitable.

More than three years after it was first ordered, the MoD was forced to authorize the inquiry that will examine claims that British soldiers tortured and murdered at least 20 Iraqis, in May 2004.

Patrick Mercer MP also questioned the amount time it has taken for an inquiry to be established, saying:

” It strikes me as odd that it’s taken so very long to come to a hearing,” he also predicted that outcome “not be satisfactory”.

Fifteen Iraqi witnesses will give evidence, including the detainees and family members of the dead.

Nine detainees claim they were imprisoned for four months and tortured by British soldiers at Shaibah base near Basra.

Patrick Connor QC, legal advisor to the nine Iraqis, said:

“Young men of 18, 19, and 20, some [were] seriously injured with gunshot wounds, being stripped naked, forced to stand, not given appropriate medical treatment, and threatened with violence whilst still under the shock of capture in the middle of the night.”

The inquiry is not expected to conclude until 2004.