How easy is it to create false flag terrorism?

How much nuclear material would terrorists such as renegades within CIA or MI6 need to make a Nuclear Bomb to blame on Muslims to undermine or eliminate our DEMOCRACY?

By J A Blacker, Science Correspondent
RINF Alterative News

A simple gun-type nuclear bomb were you use conventional explosives to fire one charge of material into the other to obtain critical neutron density and hence a nuclear explosion would require approximately 50 kilograms of Highly Enriched Uranium — an amount that would fit in an MI6 or CIA suitcase.

The basic first-generation implosion-type bombs like the Nagasaki bomb can be made with 6 kilograms of plutonium or 15 kilograms of Highly Enriched Uranium. With these amounts, a terrorist group such as a Renegade CIA or MI6 could potentially build a bomb with the power of thousands of tons of C4 high explosive, which is what MI6 & Guliani Associates used on 7/7 in the London underground blaming Muslims.

Sophisticated nuclear weapon states can potentially make nuclear bombs with smaller amounts of nuclear material and Renegade CIA and MI6 could easily thieve these and again misappropriate public funding to pay its mindless minions to terrorise the population.

If anyone is in any doubt why the British Government refuses to allow a public enquiry into 7/7 they should understand it is because the public enquiry would identify the Explosive was military grade C4 and the explosions came from under the trains.

The public would then ask, how did a Muslim terrorist get hold of military grade C4 and how is it physically possible for a Muslim terrorist to put a rucksack bomb under a tube train whilst it is still moving?  – Immediately the general public would smell the whiffiest of RATS and of course the real culprits would then be in the frame CIA/Guliani Associates (as in former mayor of New York Guliani) & British MI6.


War psychosis of our ruling class, check out this experts take on what is really going on:


How many people know that on both 911 and 7/7 identical terror bomb scenarios were being practiced by the security services and military exactly as to what really happened. On 911 there was a jet hijacking training operation ongoing and on 7/7 there was an exercise involving the same trains, same stations and same scenario to what was being practiced — Google Video: Terrorstorm

The same goes for 911; Renegade CIA did this inside job False Flag terrorism also, “the evidence” is overwhelming, indeed the Treason goes straight to Bush’s door because he sighed an executive order number W199I-WF-213589. If researchers goggle this number and then bypass the first few links put up by the CIA to misinform the true extent of the BUSH deception and protection of Criminals & Terrorists becomes apparent.

On both occasions, 7/7 & 911, the political motive behind the “False Flag” “Inside Job” terrorism was to secure fewer Human rights for British and US citizens and reduce civil liberties whilst producing a pretext for “Profitable never ending War on terrorism” in which corporations are making Millions if not Billion in WAR profits.

Halliburton charged the US tax payer over $24,000,000 (million) to deliver fuel from Kuwait to Baghdad, a distance of about 300 miles, which under normal circumstances would have cost only $3,000 – $10,000 — does this sound ridiculous? That is because it is ridiculous — BUT FACT.

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If anyone wants physics proof 911 was a demolition then go here:

Once you realise 911 was a deliberate demolition the whole world becomes a safer place because every other lie the UK & US governments spout then becomes so much easier for YOU to see.

J A Blacker MSc IMI (Science Correspondent RINF.COM)