FBI recruits and frames young Indian student in phony bomb plot

Susanne PoselOccupy Corporatism |

Loretta Lynch, US Attonrey from the Eastern District of New York and prosecutor in the case against Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, who was recruited and set up by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in a manufactured bomb plot last week, claims that Nafis came to the FBI agent assigned to frame him and told that agent he wanted to blow up the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Lynch explains: “This case means that there’s still a concerted effort by al Qaeda to insert individuals into the U.S. who will carry out their plan to disrupt the economy and to do great destruction and damage.

Individuals who essentially are not necessarily tied to a larger group but come here looking to recruit other people who share the same views, and look for targets and carry out acts of destruction.”

Nafis was actually approached by the FBI informant assigned to find a young person willing to participate in a bomb plot. The FBI claims that Nafis was enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University (SMSU) on a student visa and pursuing a degree in cybersecurity. However, records show that Nafis is not a student at SMSU.

He was approached by an FBI agent who gave Nafis 1,000-pounds of ammonium nitrate and other materials to build an improvised explosive device (IED). Under watch of the FBI, Nafis assembled the IED at an undisclosed warehouse in New York. The FBI claim that Nafis attempted to detonate the “fake” bomb at a hotel, where he was taken into custody.

The “infiltrating” FBI agent brought Nafis to the warehouse in a van. Nafis allegedly told the agent that his first plan was to blow up the NY Fed. If he was unable to do so, he had a “Plan B”. After coercing from the FBI agent, Nafis also produced a written statement of his intentions where he said that Osama bin Laden was the justification for his impending actions.

The FBI agent made sure to create a video where Nafis admitted to his plans. This recorded statement was to be shown to the American public after the attack. Nafis was recorded on tape saying he wanted to “destroy America.” The FBI was careful to set up the necessary evidence to not only incriminate Nafis as a pasty, but also use the evidence to create a link between al-Qaeda and the nation of India.

Lynch asserts that “the investigation is continuing on a lot of fronts. What is clear is that when he arrived here he had already conceived of the plan to construct a bomb of some sort and of large magnitude and to effect great destruction. What’s also clear is that he had already conceived of the plan to come here and recruit others already in the U.S. to join him and that’s what he set about doing.”

Prosecuting officials refer to the manufactured plot as a “sting operation” and praise those FBI agents assigned to find unsuspecting patsies who can be manipulated into taking materials from undercover agents and allow themselves to be set up for agendas for the US government.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) works with al-Qaeda, which is a creation of the US government. Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, explained in an interview how the US trained the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) in Afghanistan and renamed them al-Qaeda. Clinton said: “When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan we had this brilliant idea that we were gonna come to Pakistan and create a force of Mujahideen, equip them with stinger missiles, and everything else and go after the Soviets in Afghanistan. We were successful. We said ‘great’; and we left Afghanistan . . . Leaving these trained people who were fanatical in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Leaving them well armed and creating a mess at the time we didn’t recognize. When you look back today, the people we are fighting today, we were supporting in the fight against the Soviets.”

Last week, an accomplice was implicated and arrested in San Deigo for the NY Fed bomb plot. Howard Willie Carter II happened to have been arrested on unrelated child pornography charges, when it was uncovered that Carter had email correspondence with Yaqueen (an apparent nickname of Nafis).

Lynch maintains that it was Nafis who “came up with his own receipe for this bomb.” She completely disregards the fact that the FBI provided Nafis with the materials and goes on to claim that “it was the suspect that directed the purchase of the materials, how much to buy, what type.”

In May, the underwear bomber, who was set up by the FBI, became a justification of the Obama administration for warrantless surveillance on Americans. However, it soon became apparent that the bomber was actually a CIA employee and that the federal agency manufactured the event so they could “foil” the nefarious plans.

Even Robert Mueller, director of the FBI claimed that the CIA did not manufacture the plot, but rather that Congress should view their operation as proof that more intrusions into US citizen’s privacy was necessary and that “the amendments that are up for passage again – reenactment – at the end of this year [are] absolutely essential in our efforts to address this threat.”

In 2010, The FBI set up a young and impressionable man in Oregon named Mohamed Osman Mohamud with the materials need to create an IED, then encouraged him to attend a tree lighting ceremony at the Portland Pioneer Courthouse Square where thousands of innocent people could be hurt.

The FBI admitted that they had recruited Mohamed by email because they suspected he was involved in terroristic activates in the past. This made him a good candidate to become another US government patsy. The FBI also alluded that they may be able to use Mohamed in another fake terror plot if he were willing to travel to Pakistan and participate in a jihad.

A British citizen who just happened to convert to Islam was thwarted by the FBI on a Northwest Airlines flight in 2011. Thankfully, a doctor was on the same flight and administered a tranquillizer to the “terrorist” after he was held down and tied to a seat.

Interestingly, a female, would-be-bomber assumed to be linked to the CIA-created al-Qaeda was stopped by Scotland Yard in 2004. Officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) claimed no forewarning of a female bomber who had explosives “tucked insider her reproductive region.”

The DHS would later use the shock of “smuggling a bomb onto a plane by this method” to justify future full body searches of all female passengers.

Although the Financial District in New York is heavily guarded with checkpoints, Lynch would have the public believe that Nafis was able to drive a truck with a bomb inside passed the New York City Police Department officers and get to the abandoned warehouse on Long Island where the FBI agent assisted Nafis in assembling the “inert bomb”. It is obvious that Nafis was an unwitting victim in an “elaborate surveillance exercise” to set up and incriminate Nafis for the sake of scaring the American public into thinking al-Qaeda was going attack the US again.