Fall of Ramadi result of US occupation of Iraq: US scholar

The recent capture of the Iraqi city of Ramadi by the ISIL terrorist group is a consequence of the US war against Iraq and Washington’s “divide and rule” policy in the Arab country, an American political scholar says. 

“The fall of Ramadi to ISIS forces is a terrible tragedy for the people of that city,” said Stephen Zunes, a professor of politics at the University of San Francisco and a leading critic of US foreign policy in the Middle East.

“It’s another tragic reminder of the consequences of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq and the divide and rule tactics which have led to the serious sectarian divisions that have allowed for the rise of such a fanatical group,” Zunes told Press TV on Tuesday.

The Iraqi people must prevent the US and other foreign forces from exacerbating sectarian divisions and “making a bad situation even worse,” he added.

The northern and western parts of Iraq have been in chaos since ISIL started its campaign of terror in early June 2014.

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