Ex-Bush officials to teach course on decision-making in Iraq invasion

Two key players and advocates of the US war on Iraq will teach a course on decision-making during the invasion of the country under former president George W. Bush, a report says.

Paul Wolfowitz and Scooter Libby, who played important roles during the war, will teach a long-week course, titled “The War in Iraq: A Study in Decision-Making,” The Hill reports.

The course will explore some “key strategic decisions” made during the invasion, according to a description by the Hertog Foundation in Washington DC.

Wolfowitz served as deputy defense secretary between 2001 and 2005 and Libby served as national security adviser to then vice president Dick Cheney and Bush during that time.

“History takes on a different aspect when viewed not from years removed and with the consequences of decisions taken known, but from the viewpoints of the actual policymakers as decisions approached and as unexpected events, rivalries, counter-moves, mistakes, and imperfect understandings intervened,” a course description reads.

The decision to invade Iraq was one of the most controversial decisions by Bush, which was made under the pretext of removing Saddam Hussein, who Washington claimed possessed weapons of mass destruction.

In October 2004, however, a CIA report revealed that Saddam did not have any active WMD program at the time of the invasion.

Coalition troops overthrew the Saddam regime, but the war resulted in more catastrophic situation and the country became the target of extremist groups including al-Qaeda and later ISIL.

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