Bush’s brother blames crisis in Iraq on Obama

Presumed US Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, brother of former US President George W. Bush, has criticized President Barack Obama’s Iraq policy.

The former Florida governor was at a business meeting in the state of New Hampshire on Wednesday to defend his brother’s invasion of Iraq in 2003.

He reportedly said that the 2003 invasion and occupation created stability in Iraq, until Obama seized the White House, adding that the opposite happened due to Obama’s policies.

“The focus ought to be on knowing what you know now, Mr. President, should you have kept 10,000 troops in Iraq?” said Bush.

In December 2011, Washington withdrew its troops from Iraq as part of the so-called SOFA agreement signed by Baghdad and Washington.

The US invaded Iraq in March 2003 under the pretext of destroying alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD) belonging to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

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