Britain to boost counter-terror spending by 30%

Britain is to increase its counter-terrorism funding by 30 percent in the wake of the Paris attacks, finance minister George Osborne said Sunday.

The chancellor of the exchequer would not rule out cuts to frontline police numbers but said he was confident Britain would be able to deal with a major terror assault.

Osborne will deliver his so-called autumn statement, or budget update, on Wednesday alongside a spending review that is expected to lead to deep cutbacks aimed at slashing the deficit, AFP reported.

“Precisely because we are making difficult decisions in other parts of our budget, we can give our military more kit, we can increase our counter-terrorism budget by 30 percent and we can also take action to prevent guns coming into this country and deal with gunmen on the streets,” he told BBC television.

“We will make sure Britain is properly defended against the terrorist threat.”


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