Two arrested in DNC protests

By Sue Lindsay | The first session of DNC Court was convened at 4:15 today in Denver County Court.

Four people appeared, but only two had been arrested in relation to convention protests.

The court was filled with more than a dozen deputies, prompting County Judge Brian Campbell to ask, “How come we got more law enforcement than we got prisoners?”

A number of deputies who normally aren’t assigned to court duty, as well as judges and other court staff, sat in on the first session to see how things were to be handled.

Four men were led into court in handcuffs and leg shackles.

Among them were two “John Does” who refused to give police their names and were arrested near 7th and Lawrence Streets for giving false information to an officer.

Denver County Judge John Marcucci advised the men that he couldn’t force them to give their names, but if they didn’t, he couldn’t set bond and they would remain in jail. Both men coughed up their identities.

Austin Hunter, 23, wearing a black T-shirt that read, “Spreading the Hardcore Reality.”

He pleaded not guilty, telling the judge, “I didn’t give them any information at all. So I guess not guilty.”

His bond was set at $100 on a charge of giving false information to an officer.

According to police, during a peaceful protest, they were dressed with their faces covered with cloths and bandannas. As police passed by, they ducked down and appeared to hide items behind a row of portable toilets. When approached by police, they refused to give their names or produce identification.

Frank Anello, Jr., 34, also pleaded guilty to the false information charge and to interference. His bail was set at $200.

Matthew Waldron also appeared on charges of disturbing the peace and trespass, but his beef took place at a restaurant on the 16th Street Mall and wasn’t related to the DNC. His bond was set at $100 on a charge of giving false information to an officer.

Another arrest also was not related to the DNC.

Shawn Jones, a transient, appeared on charges trespassing and panhandling at a gas station near 34th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.