MP calling for ID card scheme to be ditched

SOUTH Derbyshire MP Mark Todd has called on the Government to abandon its plans for ID cards.

Since November, ID cards have been compulsory for foreign nationals living in the UK and will become mandatory for workers at Manchester and London City airport later this year. The cards, which will contain details of a person’s fingerprints, name, date of birth and address, will then be offered to the rest of the population from 2011.

Mr Todd did not support the Government on the third reading of the bill. He said: “While there have been some sensible decisions made since the passage of the bill – to simplify the project, to deconstruct it and integrate it with existing activity, to change the disastrously ill-thought through justifications of it – I doubt that it is realisable in its planned form. That would appear to me to be the wisest approach.”

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