What Features of the iPhone Have You Been Ignoring?

by Anthony Wakefield from iPhone Auctions Australia

As much as we all love the iPhone, download our favorite Apps, and get a lot of use out of its many features, we have to admit that we’re not all technology wonks. We don’t know every feature of the iPhone and, heck, some of us are perfectly at peace if some other aspect of our lives is still handled in the gadget-free zones of our lives. But technology serves us best when it makes our lives simpler and more convenient — and nothing quite delivers on those two features like the iPhone 4 does.

So let’s get down to it: how can you start using the iPhone 4 in ways that you haven’t already been using it? Sure, you might look up a restaurant on Google Maps and feel like Jason Bourne, but until you really study a few more features, you’re not maximizing the potential that the little device has to offer. Here are a few features that you’ll want to remember and make a part of your regular routine.

Saving Time

How many of you have been using Safari only to scroll around all the time — up to down, down to up? If you feel like your fingers are getting tired every single time you browse the Internet, there’s probably a reason for that — you’re not using one of the easiest and simplest features there is. Sure, it might only save you seconds at a time, but once you know about this feature, there’s no reason not to save those few seconds.

As Apple itself will tell you, simply tapping on the top bar in your Safari browser (or in your Mail and Contacts applications, too) will scroll you all the way to the top. There is, after all, no reason you should still be flipping through constant lines of HTML simply to get to the top. You simply press “Home” when you’re on your laptop, so why not utilize what is essentially the iPhone’s “Home” button?

Another way to save time: be sure that when you watch videos, you make full use of the “scrubber” feature that allows you to essentially scroll through the chronological makeup of your video. In other words, simply dragging the icon along the way is a great way to fast forward and skip ahead to the part you know your friends want to see.

Sharing, Learning, Doing

There are, of course, plenty of features on the iPhone that we’ve all been ignoring. If you’re ever anxious to share a feature of your iPhone with someone, for example, you can essentially press “Print Screen” (taking a picture of your iPhone’s screen) by pressing both the home button (not to be confused with the Home button we were just discussing) and the sleep/wake button at the same time. Pressing these two adds a picture of your iPhone to your camera roll, so if you ever need a quick way to share something on your iPhone over long distances, you can now do that.

But when it comes to sharing, there is perhaps no “computer move” more basic and more essential than the copy and paste feature. The iPhone 4, of course, can handle this in a jiffy as we’ve reported on this site before. Double-tap a word and then drag the “grab points” to highlight the text you’re after. From there, you’ll see buttons for copying and pasting.

A lot of these features are similar to the regular features we use on our laptops and desktops at home. Scrolling to the top, cutting and pasting — it’s child’s play. But the iPhone 4’s ability to handle these features in a jiffy can save you a lot of time with just a quick click or two here and there. Give these features a try and you’ll feel like a much more advanced iPhone user than ever before.

Anthony Wakefield is a tech enthusiast, musician, & writer from Australia. He runs iPhone Auctions Australia, a iPhone News, Reviews & Pricing resource.