Opera 11 Downloaded 6 Million Times On First Day

by Mick Meaney

Yesterday the latest release of the Opera web browser broke previous Opera records, achieving 6.7 million downloads on the first day.

Posting on the official Opera blog, the company stated:

“What about auto-update, you say? There’s no question that auto-update does help download numbers, as it should. We want people using the newest version and we want to make it easy for them to get it. Still, not every single person using Opera’s desktop version received the auto-update message. 50 million downloads all at once might, at worst, rip a hole in the fabric of space-time, sending our offices hurtling into a parallel universe where toasters fly and everyone uses MS Bob. Or it might just make the downloads really slow. Either way, we aren’t taking chances.

“A survey of people downloading Opera for the first time had 53% of its respondents coming from Firefox, and 43% coming from IE.”

For comparison, Microsoft’s IE 9 beta was downloaded just 2 million times during the first two days of it’s release.