Occupy Google 10 arrested at Google Hdq asking for dialogue; battle for Net Neutrality

Net neutrality protesters arrested late last night at Google headquarters. Fight for the Future supports actions for net freedom, asks Google to dialogue with activists. 

On Tuesday, June 24th, a group of activists set up tents and banners in front of Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA, announcing their protest online at http://OccupyGoogle.org and tweeting from@OccupyGoogl

Late last night, 10 activists, including a journalist who was livestreaming the event, were arrested for trespassing. We at Fight for the Future congratulate for taking a stand at this important time. It gives us hope for the future of the web to see young Internet freedom activists so passionate about this issue – and we hope that Google will sit down and talk with them and listen to what they have to say, rather than resort to involving law enforcement.

If you agree, feel free to call the Google press office and leave a message here: 1-650-930-3555.

We suggest you be polite, and ask them to meet with the Occupy Google demonstrators and listen to their demands, and not unnecessarily involve the authorities allowing for more arrests.

Here’s the background:

We didn’t know about this protest ahead of time, but we smiled when we heard the news. We love the transformative power of the free and open Internet and we’ve dedicated the past several years of our lives to building movement to protect it. We think it’s awesome to see that movement growing, and to see passionate people taking action to defend the Internet they love, and help build the Internet they want to see.

The protester’s demands were pretty simple, really: they were asking Google to engage in a conversation about what Google should be doing to fight for Net Neutrality. The activists felt like Google could be doing a lot more, and started the camp-out to apply pressure.

The context here is that Google has expressed support for Net Neutrality in letters some lobbying, but haven’t yet thrown down on the issue the way they could.

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