Meet the man who can stop the TPP’s Internet censorship plan

Reuters / Jorge Silva

Meghan Sali

A huge leak just revealed that the TPP would establish a secretive, shadowy international court that could be used by Big Media giants to kick Internet users around the world offline.

To make this nightmare a reality, anti-Internet lobbyists are pushing harder than ever to “fast track” the TPP. If they succeed, the Internet you love will be policed and censored for generations.

But there’s hope. Groups fighting this plan have found the one person who can stop it. Meet U.S. Senator Ron Wyden and tell him right now: Do not Fast Track Internet censorship.

As a senior member of a crucial Senate Committee, Wyden controls the fate of the TPP — and we know he’s feeling pressure from our side. In fact, our friends at Fight For the Future have been following him with a blimp for the past week, and he recently bailed on his own fundraiser out of fear of Internet advocates

His path forward has been made clear, but reports suggest he could cave to lobbyists at any moment. Until he is 100% committed to doing the right thing, we must keep the pressure on. And to do that, we must raise a loud global call together.

Tell Wyden now: The world is watching. Do not make the world’s Internet more expensive, censored, and policed. Do not fast track this reckless Internet censorship plan.

The TPP affects too many people around the world to be decided in secret. It cannot be rammed through without scrutiny and debate. And we especially cannot let such matters be decided through a shadowy international court.

This is why we need you to join a loud global call to convince the one man who can stop the TPP’s Internet censorship plan. Can we count you in?