Google tries to understand what ‘Right to be Forgotten’ means

The company plans to hold seven meetings across Europe to discuss the regulations — and Google’s problems with it..

Don Reisinger

The European Union’s “right to be forgotten” regulation is the subject of a Google continental roadshow that started Tuesday.

Google held its first forum in Madrid, where some of its most prominent executives, including Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond, met with officials to discuss why Google believes the “right to be forgotten” regulation strikes an improper balance between online privacy and undue pressure on online companies. Google plans to hold six more forums across Europe discussing the same topic.

The “right to be forgotten” legislation kicked in earlier this year.

It allows Web users to request that search providers, including Google, Microsoft’s Bing, and Yahoo, hide search results that are either deemed irrelevant or outdated. Google is believed to have received over 100,000 requests for data removal and will review each of them before actually hiding results.

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