Demo at Penthouse of Google Employee and Landlord Thomas Fallows

We don’t know why some people need to be so rich, but we know why everyone else needs to be poor. Homelessness and unemployment exist because the economy needs these forces to exist. Without them, capitalism would lose its reserve pool of workers desperate to better their situations and work any job, however menial and degrading. As long as capitalism exists, it will always perpetuate this inequality, and we believe there is nothing further to argue about regarding these simple statements. However, we have not failed to notice the absolutely depraved, cruel, and malicious nature of the current ruling class in San Francisco. This is why we came to the home of Thomas Fallows at 2900 Pierce Street in San Francisco, California.

Thomas Fallows is a man who has used the Ellis Act to evict the occupants of four buildings filled with dozens of people and their lives. He caught our attention by not only being a Google employee but also for being a stark example of the entitled and greedy tech-entrepreneurs inhabiting San Francisco.

Thomas Fallows has been in the real-estate business since he bought his first buildings and evicted his first tenants in 2007. With these purchases, he became what Thomas Piketty refers to as a rentier, a term most commonly remembered in novels from the 1800’s that refers to a class of people that profit from large and continuous rental payments made to them. According to Piketty, this class of rentiers has reemerged and is growing. In his analysis, we are returning to levels of capital concentration unseen since the international war against capitalism that lasted roughly between 1871 and 1939.

Thomas Fallows is not alone as a neo-tech-rentier. While he was planning his evictions, he was also working on the Mercantalia shopping website with his bro Jonathan Kibera Through this website, the dynamic duo sold large amounts of frivolous commodities. Fallows and Kibera love to do everything together. At Harvard they were on the rowing team together, masturbated over capitalist dreams together, and developed their pathology of greed together. Once they got to San Francisco, they used the Ellis Act to evict four buildings together and in the end, as it so often turns out, they joined Google together.

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