Are We Seeing The End Of The Landline Internet?

by Musa Aykac from Virgin

Are we seeing a shift towards the end of the landline as we know it?

I read with disbelief that less than 2/3 of the under 30’s connect a landline when they move into new accommodation – they just rely on their mobiles and off they go! 

Now being of a slightly more techno-dinosaur than the under 30’s generation I couldn’t work this out.  Personally, I’d happily forego having a landline and stick to my mobile as it certainly seems to be a better way of keeping control over who has your number – we’ve never had so many cold calls than with the most recent number that we were given when we last moved (ironically not keeping the previous number because of a telephone stalking low-life), so if it were possible to be land-line free we’d jump at the chance!

However, I thought that you had to have a landline to be able to have the internet but it would seem that in the world of wireless technology (something that I am also struggling to learn about, given that to me the ‘wireless’ is something that Jimmy Young used to emerge from with startling regularity in my Nan’s kitchen).   Apparently going entirely wireless is possible without a landline phone in situ – something that I know I wasn’t alone in believing was the case, but now that I think about it is obviously indicated by the fact that there are so many different broadband providers!

Lastly, given that our mobiles can be all singing and all dancing, to include internet access, apps a-plenty and of course cameras and filming facilities, and that the internet offers invaluable money saving communications mediums such as Skype, where I can happily talk to my son, who settled in Brazil with his partner, both for as long as I like and for absolutely no cost whatsoever!   Between Skyping and texting, I appear to have joined the many who have not actually used a landline phone for quite some time and if that’s true of this techie-dino, then I fear that the next decade could well see the true end of the land-line phone!

Musa is a guest blogger for Virgin, he absolutely loves the internet and is a tech geek at heart.