“Anonymous” Releases Name of Alleged Michael Brown Shooter; Governor Relieves Local Police of Protest Duty

The hacker collective Anonymous on Thursday released the name of the police officer it believes shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown, a day after releasing raw audio files from the St. Louis police dispatch the day of the killing, but neither has been confirmed by authorities.

Meanwhile, it was announced Thursday that Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon will relieve the St. Louis County law enforcement from policing the demonstrations in Ferguson, clearing the way for state or federal intervention.

Anonymous has threatened to release the alleged officers’ photo at 10 am and his address at 12 pm and “full documents” at 2 pm Central Time if the St. Louis County Police Department does not respond.

The tapes convey the mood at the St. Louis Police Department on the day Brown was shot and reveal that no EMS was called to the scene.

The St. Louis Police Department Wednesday said they were aware of the tapes and were investigating their authenticity. The officer who shot Brown works for the Ferguson Police Department, and audio of the Ferguson dispatches, which will likely contain the internal conversations about the actual shooting, have yet to be released.

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