8 Most Useful Extensions for Google Chrome

Everyone has their own opinion as to which is the best and the fastest Internet browser, but according to StatCounter, Google Chrome is the most widely used in the world. As of May 2012, Chrome had a 33% worldwide usage share of web browsers.

If you are a Google Chrome fan, you will be interested to know that there are many ways you can make your favourite browser even better. This year, a score of incredibly useful browser extensions have been released for Google Chrome, but which should you be downloading?

Best Chrome extensions for home and business

Here are 8 of the most useful extensions that will improve your browsing experience without slowing your system down:

  1. Google Dictionary (by Google)
    Not sure what a particular word means, or if you’re using it correctly? Using this extension, you can double click on any word on a web page and find out the correct spelling, definition and usage.
  2. Ginger — Grammar and Spell Checker
    Team this extension, which sees errors in real-time as you type, with Google Dictionary and all your emails and documents will be word perfect.
  3. ScribeFire
    If you feel the irrepressible urge to blog at any time, ScribeFire can help you fire off a blog post without leaving Chrome.
  4. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer
    With this extension, you can view PDFs and PowerPoint Presentations directly in Google Docs, without having to load PowerPoint, Adobe Reader or another PDF reader.
  5. Offline Google Mail
    Need to check your emails on the move, but don’t have an Internet connection? This handy extension will store a cache of your messages ready for reading when you go offline, so you can continue being productive even when offline.
  6. FireShot
    This screenshot tool is very popular, as it allows you to capture any part or even the whole of a web page or browser window. Once captured, you can send the image anywhere, whether it’s to your laser printers, an email account or to an editor.
  7. Taskforce
    This is a Google Chrome extension busy workers can’t be without, as it is an intuitive and easy to use task manager. It organises and converts the emails in your Gmail account into assignments, as well as interacting with associates and allowing you to collaborate on projects.
  8. AdBlock
    If you’re sick of ads and Flash-based games and videos popping up all the time, slowing your browser down, get the AdBlock extension and see all irritating distractions disappear.

If you want any of these extensions, simply visit the Google Chrome web store.

Christine is a writer for NetGiant Ltd. who operate Cartridge Monkey in the UK. Cartridge Monkey was founded in 2003 and have become one of the leading suppliers of cheap ink cartridges in the UK. In her free time, Christine loves to read about tech and gadgets.