Seven Banned Words Needing Deployment NOW on the One Percent

Oh the horror of it, the Tony Blair-Clinton Bear-Obama Osama-Kissigner-Pelosi-Feinstein of it all!

Interesting, the stuff Felicity Arbuthnot (August 2nd, 2014) wrote about Tony Blair and the Mafia Middle Easterners known in some circles as Stockholm Syndrome Nazis — can you imagine Jews in Israel taking their marching orders from the Third Reich, from the Final Solution pharmacists, from the entire project on usury, militarism, and atrophied hearts and sociopathic economics, cultural crassness and genocide that define what it is to be a Zionist there, here, anywhere?

Tony Blair? What is it about language? What is it about this neutering of heart, soul, passion, compassion and anger? What have we done in those Mary Kay and Tupperware moments, when the K12 system is exclusively (almost) women, where administrators take bizarre courses on human handling, on how to spot malcontents, on what to do with boys (and girls) who might show rebelliousness, who might not believe the system upon system of education, who might be ornery, tired of the relentless consumer attack, who might be just plain toxified by it all, from diet in the gut to the diet in the head?

Tony Blair is a piece of shit (add George Carlin’s list below), elitist, a rotten Brit, a little bag of terror, a mighty weakling who was voted in and debated around and fled his humanity, if he ever had any, and ended up in the pockets of the arms dealers, the thieves in banking, and his camouflaged yellow streak got his army into the mix, got on board with another piece of shit human, George Bush, and, well, their entire gang of politicos, cricket and Friday Nights bowlers and footballers are why we need extermination (okay, education, as in reeducation camps) when the vermin get so big and full of disease they are the seed to another plague after another plague.

Talking to a friend, dealing with a 13th lawyer, divorce, CALIF-style, with a child in the mix, and a super-star lawyer for a wife, err, separated one. Lawyer after lawyer, the worst of the fleas and rabid skunks, charging $800 or $1400 an hour, these cretins who have judges and contracts and the fearless homicidal law on their side.

You can’t be passionate or mad at or angry with or expressive toward the scum of the earth — LAWYERS —who will get restraining orders and charges leveled at a father who is fighting for custody arrangements for a son.

This is the shit of our times, really, and unfortunately, much of the neutering is being done with women at the helm of some of these disastrous ships of human degradation. Oh, the Madeline Albrights who not only did not want to address the murder charges when I spoke to her, but who has a legion of other rotten people, men and a lot of women, who just boo, hiss and deny our humanity by stopping us from being HUMAN, or by humiliating us as boys who might just not want to believe the feminization of the inner ring of people running and ruining education, psychology (not that is was ever GREAT), communications, even literature and art. She’s a piece of shit, and she is a killer, like the lot of them.

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