Cameron says he’ll step down after second term – go now, and take your rich mates with you

Sadie Robinson

For David Cameron, being prime minister for a third term “might just be too many”. For many ordinary people, having him as prime minister for one term is more than enough.

The arrogant millionaire made his comments while swaggering about in one of his fancy kitchens for the BBC.

Cameron assumes it’s up to him, not voters, when he leaves Downing Street. As one spokesperson put it, Cameron “is clear he will serve a full second term”.

And he has the gall to attack benefit claimants for their “culture of entitlement”.

Cameron suggested that other Tories, such as Theresa May or Boris Johnson, could take over from him.

But whichever Tory is leader, the war on workers will go on unless there is some real resistance.

The Tories have driven down workers’ living standards since they sneaked into office in 2010. Cameron’s comments came just days after chancellor George Osborne delivered yet another budget attacking ordinary people.

If the Tories are elected in May it won’t be because people like what they are doing. It will be because Labour has failed to inspire them with any real alternative.

We want Cameron out now–and all his posh mates. But we should also demand more than the “austerity-lite” on offer from the Labour Party.

This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.