Blair recalls despair at Bush’s victory

blair-recalls.jpgPress TV | Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife says they watched in distress as George Bush won the US presidential election in 2000. In an autobiography entitled “Speaking For Myself,” which was published Wednesday, Cherie Blair wrote “I think it’s fair to say that our hearts sank when the result was finally ratified.”

“George is actually a very funny, charming man with a quirky sense of humor,” said the autobiography which is being serialized in The Times of London newspaper.

“The reason he gets a bad press, he says, is ‘because I talk Texan’,” added Blair who described the US first lady, Laura, as ‘a very warm, genuine person’.

Tony Blair faced widespread criticism inside and outside of Britain because of his relationship with Bush, namely over his government’s support for the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Following the decision, critics called the British prime minister ‘Bush’s poodle’ as he suffered a nosedive in his popularity ratings.