YouTube Collaborates with the Anti-Defamation League

According to the Guardian, YouTube has stated that it has had begun working with 15 more NGOs and institutions, including the Anti-Defamation League, the No Hate Speech Movement, and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue in an effort to improve the system’s understanding of issues around hate speech, radicalisation and terrorism to better deal with objectionable content.

You may recall last month the ADL publishing a list of people they deemed “alt-right” and “alt-light.”  All of whom they have labeled essentially as hate speech peddlers and ‘racist.’

This list included harmless personalities like Baked Alaska, Richard Spencer, Mike Cernovich and Gavin McInnes.  All of which we can be safe to assume will soon have their YouTube pages extremely censored and/or shut down permanently knowing the ADL.

Jordan Peterson, a Psychology Professor at University of Toronto has been known for publishing videos that tend to lean more on the conservative side of the ‘aisle.’  As of today August 1st, YouTube has completely deleted his channel with no explanation given.



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